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Published games from 2018.
#1 Athletes
NYYanks 25,9254.34
#4 Athletes
NYYanks 22,9094.40
#6 Athletes
NYYanks 16,3724.31
#7 Athletes
NYYanks 22,5764.02
#8 Athletes
NYYanks 14,9944.41
'00s Animated Movies by Quote
minshkins 20,6204.63
'00s Movies by Quote
minshkins 43,6414.75
'00s Song Title Endings
ghcgh 28,3994.47
'00s Song Title Match Up II
babymonkee 38,7154.60
'50s Song Title Match-Up
babymonkee 38,5354.56
'60s Song Title Match-Up
babymonkee 56,9254.53
'60s Song Title Match-Up II
babymonkee 24,7354.58
'70s Song Title Match-Up II
babymonkee 29,5004.62
'80s Baby Names by '80s-Themed Clues
MrChewypoo 15,2074.18
'80s Song Title Match-Up II
babymonkee 43,8344.53
'90s American TV A-Z
Propellerhead 12,9554.53
'90s Movies by Quote
minshkins 65,1734.69
'A Natural Woman' Lyrics
sproutcm 8,6344.63
'A Noiseless Patient Spider' by Walt Whitman
knope2012 1,1694.41
'A' Albums by 3 Singles
ghcgh 9,8664.41
'A' Country Names in 6 Languages
LisaSimpsonOH 8,2574.54
'A' in Disney
wilycub 22,8054.52
'A' Medical Terms
Bellelady 21,3704.65
'A' Sorting Gallery
alinrotundu 43,5314.69
'A' State Abbreviations
mg10 23,0964.72
'A' TV Character Match
metashades 12,4034.25
'AL' Geography Challenge
timmylemoine1 12,9464.46
'And' or 'In'?
mikenew 27,2154.39
'B' Bible Books
sproutcm 3,8774.51
'B' Big 4 on a Map
sproutcm 35,2824.18
'B' in Asia
beforever 12,1484.68
'B' Sorting Gallery
alinrotundu 43,2204.74
'B' TV Character Match
metashades 15,3604.39
'Big' Things
babymonkee 26,3064.33
'Breath of The Wild' World Regions
DLspartan93 8,2814.44
'BUT' in Words
slipkid 9,2514.49
'C' Books By Opening Lines
metashades 12,7784.45
'C' Element Symbols
citkeane 6,7314.81
'C' Presidents
sproutcm 18,0254.50
'C' Sorting Gallery
alinrotundu 43,3794.59

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