Date: History

Published games from 2017.
10 to 1: The Presidency
senordingdong 108,3984.43
15th or 16th Century
kfastic 13,2434.31
17th or 18th Century
kfastic 17,7214.47
1900s Match-Up
khands 43,9074.55
1910s Match-Up
khands 43,7214.66
1950s Click-in-the-Blank
khands 25,1914.61
19th Century Decades: Odd Event Out
hockeystix3 13,9214.49
19th Century: First or Second Half
kfastic 21,5044.67
1st Millennium AD: First or Second Half
kfastic 14,5314.54
20 Questions Wrong: History
Tr4pD00r 42,1743.96
2016 in Pictures
chaosBEE 24,1724.31
2016 Quiz
Flick 31,3604.40
20th Century Decades: Odd Event Out
hockeystix3 23,0774.49
20th Century History A-Z
Weavz 34,1374.45
20th Century US States
Purple_Parrot 36,0764.51
20th Century: '00s or '10s?
kfastic 20,6364.34
20th Century: '10s or '20s?
kfastic 19,9754.65
20th Century: '20s or '30s?
kfastic 23,1714.52
25 Facts About George Washington
beforever 36,3474.61
25 Facts About John Adams
beforever 22,5264.64
25 Facts About Thomas Jefferson
beforever 21,1424.54
25 Most Powerful Militaries
CryingDemon 34,4834.53
30 Second SPORCLE Blitz: Presidential Names
sproutcm 40,3954.06
'40s Timeline Picture Click
Hejman 21,9654.58
5 Inventions per Century
awesomeness365 20,3374.40
'50s Timeline Picture Click
Hejman 21,0634.53
'60s Timeline Picture Click
Hejman 26,6664.61
A Million Times for Prime Minister
teedslaststand 17,4634.80
A Million Times for UK Parliament
teedslaststand 20,9914.68
'A' World Leaders
william2 20,2954.61
Abraham Lincoln Quotes
Blackhawks65 16,4144.67
Alive to See It? II
Hejman 11,6714.61
American Civil War Sorting Gallery
esvadude 23,1504.50
American Revolution A-Z
brint67 11,8674.23
Ancient History Match-up
khands 30,5684.66
Anyone but Barack Obama
lolshortee 29,9254.45
Anyone but Bill Clinton
lolshortee 30,6784.59
Anyone but Donald Trump
lolshortee 44,0734.44
Anyone but George H. W. Bush
lolshortee 24,1104.61
Anyone but George W. Bush
lolshortee 30,0234.61

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