Date: Just For Fun

Published games from 2017.
1-100 Whiteout
goc3 65,3194.34
25 Things We Learned in 2016
sufradley 43,5844.23
A-Z Typing Blitz
goc3 9,7784.39
Boy or Girl Logic Puzzle
PrincessMartell 144,6734.03
Click the Colored Circles
goc3 44,4754.09
Click Through the Maze
goc3 57,8373.66
Code Cracker!
hockeystix3 25,8614.83
Code Cracker! II
hockeystix3 24,1354.80
Code Cracker! III
hockeystix3 20,6014.66
Count 'n Click Blitz
geshmonkey 46,4283.88
Culinary Terminology
jennagirl900 18,0444.63
Do You Have a 20/20 Vision?
gazzso 38,9594.45
Draw a Pixel Picture
vikZ 37,9504.15
Fake or Real Secret Service Codenames?
Bolafssonify 10,4394.43
Football Referee or Judge?
bobinwilder1 11,5294.18
Fruity Jokes
emilymarie07 20,6594.02
Google Top Searches of 2016
Quizmaster91 17,8634.52
If Movie Characters Got Traffic Tickets
Hejman 15,6674.37
Just For Fun 7-to-1
samc67 86,1144.18
Logic Punchboard
goc3 49,3823.69
Mini Memory Game
Pasi97 54,3973.34
Mini Memory Game II
Pasi97 35,6913.07
Mini Paint-By-Numbers III
sproutcm 61,8264.23
Mini Paint-By-Numbers IV
sproutcm 46,7254.20
Missing Word: #1 Hits of 1965
zalkon2004 4,2504.77
Missing Word: #1 Hits of 1966
zalkon2004 5,0174.79
Missing Word: '70s Music Acts (A-Z)
jar514 6,6004.66
Missing Word: '80s Music Acts (A-Z)
jar514 4,4534.61
Missing Word: '90s and '00s Cartoons
BNLFAN4567 3,3924.41
Missing Word: '90s Best Movie Soundtrack
Flick 4,3464.32
Missing Word: '90s Music Acts (A-Z)
jar514 4,0484.77
Missing Word: 'B' European History
khands 3,0784.76
Missing Word: 'C' 20th Century Literature
khands 2,9674.65
Missing Word: 'C' European History
khands 4,2694.48
Missing Word: 'E' Science
teedslaststand 3,7674.30
Missing Word: 'Hamilton' Songs (A-Z)
ThePinkGirl 3,3814.62
Missing Word: 'Hard' Songs
timmylemoine1 2,8614.39
Missing Word: 'M' Song Endings
caramba 5,0184.61
Missing Word: 'Moving' Songs
FreeWorld85 3,1484.62
Missing Word: 'N' in Every Category
nopurplesky 3,8454.44