Date: Just For Fun

Published games from 2017.
'AC' Vocabulary (Hard)
beforever 8,9304.60
'AH' Vocabulary
beforever 5,5214.73
'Don't Lift Your Pencil' Puzzle
gazzso 20,3224.52
'Why' Not?
gazzso 37,1544.02
1-100 Whiteout
goc3 173,8334.43
1-100 Whiteout (Odd then Even)
goc3 60,4744.11
1-25 Logic Puzzle
freesquirrel 90,7623.98
25 Things We Learned in 2016
sufradley 63,8234.21
5 to 1: Colors
mg10 65,7474.55
5-to-1: Two-Digit Numbers
eon 25,6774.37
5x5 Double Word Square
BoggelTeam 27,8624.10
5x5 Word Square
BoggelTeam 29,5604.51
7 to 1: One Letter Off
esmeyny 24,5584.70
A-Z Typing Blitz
goc3 29,1014.18
Alphabetical Blitz
Qaqaq 27,9354.06
Animals at the Beach
emberly13 13,0144.70
Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
DesertSpartan 18,5014.63
Art & Artifice: Europe or Vegas?
pecheneg 10,6314.35
Avada Kedavra Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 490,7573.66
Bad Dad Jokes! III
finetuner 39,9304.64
Binary Logic Puzzle
Susan300 44,9694.70
Binary Logic Puzzle II
Susan300 35,1634.52
Binary Logic Puzzle III
Susan300 28,7944.44
Bold, Capital, Italic, or Underlined?
otcpsychedelics 17,3104.35
Boy or Girl Logic Puzzle
PrincessMartell 323,8864.02
Capitals Among Pokémon
sproutcm 7,4054.78
Chicken or Beer
jakethegoldfish 11,4774.49
Click the Colored Circles
goc3 80,0064.16
Click the Colored Squares
goc3 76,2394.18
Click Through the Maze
goc3 89,7243.59
Click Through the Maze II
goc3 25,7274.22
Clickable Blitz: Cars, Stars, Bars or Guitars?
stevenmiller61 16,9714.31
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Just For Fun
bhenderson79 43,6514.70
Code Cracker!
hockeystix3 91,0584.82
Code Cracker! II
hockeystix3 70,2724.79
Code Cracker! III
hockeystix3 58,1144.62
Code Cracker! IV
hockeystix3 55,9804.77
Code Cracker! IX
hockeystix3 38,6824.70
Code Cracker! V
hockeystix3 48,1314.80
Code Cracker! VI
hockeystix3 43,5814.81

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