Date: History

Published games from 2016.
'70s Timeline Picture Click
Hejman 22,6364.58
'80s Timeline Picture Click
Hejman 24,4194.36
'90s Timeline Picture Click
Hejman 45,2854.52
'B' American History Figures
william2 26,0094.54
'B' in History II
wiggytitch 28,5054.64
'C' English History
Cortez 16,5144.35
'C' in History II
wiggytitch 19,9404.76
'I' American History
william2 29,4734.35
'K' American History
william2 25,8224.10
'N' American History
william2 27,0784.47
'P' American History
william2 27,7154.60
'R'-Less Presidents
Usmcfunkymunky 32,3874.60
'S' American History
william2 22,2244.49
'Seven' Year Major Events by Seven Word Clue
El_Dandy 17,5484.54
'Six' Year Major Events by Six Word Clue
El_Dandy 18,4024.21
'T' American History
william2 23,4744.49
10-to-1: History
Slinenfest 84,8854.75
1000 AD: Clickable Map
epirus 38,3344.41
11 States That Could Pick the US President
apollo20 39,0474.26
13 Colonies Picture Click
eon 190,6114.34
18th Century Match-up
khands 18,3704.55
19th Century Figures Match-Up
khands 27,7834.49
19th Century Match-Up
khands 27,4014.56
19th Century US Figures Match-up
khands 17,4534.43
19th Century US States
teedslaststand 128,9054.21
19th Century Women Match-Up
khands 21,1444.51
2000s Timeline Picture Click
Hejman 25,6054.42
2016 Presidential Campaign Slogans
jar514 24,3574.58
2016 Presidential Candidates by Yearbook Photo
HappyWife 29,9704.71
20th Century African Leaders
OneoftheBhoys 5,4744.65
20th Century Asian Leaders
OneoftheBhoys 9,7364.72
20th Century Decade by Decade
Cutthroat 37,1154.59
20th Century Europeans' Name Match
khands 28,7314.50
20th Century Missing Location
khands 25,1954.65
20th Century World Leaders II
RHLI 26,2024.53
20th Century: '30s or '40s?
kfastic 22,0264.65
20th Century: '40s or '50s?
kfastic 22,0974.55
20th Century: '50s or '60s?
kfastic 22,7274.60
20th Century: '60s or '70s?
kfastic 43,3754.74
20th Century: '70s or '80s?
kfastic 28,6594.71