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Published games from 2016.
#1 Picks in the HoF (Big 4)
Ben 13,9174.42
'70s Bands Lead Singers
ejperrine 19,6834.55
'70s Movies by Cast
MSUKent 16,3884.64
'70s Timeline Picture Click
Hejman 17,6354.61
'80s Movie Taglines
ISUalum31 52,0864.67
'80s Rock Music Slideshow
Tom007 19,9274.63
'80s Songs by Two Lyrics
Hullabaloo 18,9394.11
'80s Timeline Picture Click
Hejman 19,1284.36
'90s Albums A-Z
Hullabaloo 12,1454.28
'90s Movie Taglines
amlepps517 60,1494.62
'90s Nickelodeon Show by Image
MasterKGlas 26,5624.52
'90s Songs by Two Lyrics
Hullabaloo 28,5844.57
'90s Timeline Picture Click
Hejman 39,5954.54
'90s TV by Child Characters
NSinOZ 43,1444.15
'A' All the Way Through
MSUKent 9,5653.92
'A' Artists by 3 Singles
citkeane 23,8414.44
'A' Books by Opening Lines
metashades 7,9484.59
'A' Countries by Length
sproutcm 42,8434.59
'A' Countries Flags
bazmerelda 20,9794.52
'A' Holiday Quiz
triplet_3 13,2794.45
'A' in Asia
beforever 12,0274.58
'A' in Shakespeare
FretfulP 6,6964.33
'A'-Less Pokémon
BillyJoelRulez 8,1934.43
'Able' or 'Ible'?
Tom007 26,1064.57
'AC' Words
sproutcm 14,8104.27
'AFRICA'-less Countries
teddy109768 15,1444.10
'Alice in Wonderland' First 200 Words
njb042 5,4514.67
'All' In (5)
sproutcm 14,9493.53
'All-' Vocabulary
jar514 27,3474.69
'American' Entertainment
qlh27 8,7564.45
'App' Words
timmylemoine1 12,1294.21
'AR' Blitz
caramba 16,3864.11
'AU' Countries
timmylemoine1 21,7464.53
'B' American History Figures
william2 17,3954.49
'B' Artists by 3 Singles
citkeane 24,5004.55
'B' Cities by Picture
william2 37,0104.62
'B' in History II
wiggytitch 24,2684.62
'B' Natural World
Cortez 12,9504.46
'B' US Cities
Toon1 26,7104.02
'Beauty and the Beast' Typing Challenge
beforever 25,6364.25