Date: Literature

Published games from 2015.
'A' Literary Character Match
metashades 20,2424.10
'B' Literary Characters
Mutford 36,9044.47
'D' Authors
william2 19,8644.37
'D' Literary Characters
Mutford 39,4054.31
'G' Books by Opening Lines
metashades 23,9604.33
'H' Books by Opening Lines
metashades 28,8044.47
'J' Books by Cover
livicj5 20,6944.31
'L' Books by Cover
livicj5 33,1424.40
'P' Books by Cover
livicj5 24,6134.30
'Red' Literature Match
NJSB 71,2914.33
'T' Books by Cover
livicj5 27,8274.47
'The' Books Author Match-Up
Flick 30,9614.36
'U' or 'V' Books by Cover
livicj5 16,6094.46
(Un)happily Ever After
Bolafssonify 28,9864.23
10 to 1 American Literature
NJSB 44,6454.56
10-to-1 Young Adult Characters
Ren3 72,6614.36
19th Century Literary Characters Match-up
khands 48,0264.55
19th Century Literature Match
RHLI 41,3304.30
19th Century Literature Sorting Gallery
NJSB 49,6814.81
20 American Authors
Aprilli 18,7964.22
25 Literary Fathers
Flick 38,9924.42
25 Literary Mothers
Flick 37,8434.48
3-Word Book Title Match-Up
jvwald 50,5884.13
30 in 60: Harry Potter Characters
lolshortee 262,1584.49
4-Word Book Title Match-Up
jvwald 36,2894.42
5-Star Shakespeare Plays
manonthemoon 19,2104.73
5-Word Book Title Matchup
jvwald 33,4534.28
50 Books Set in 50 States
MSUKent 16,8444.53
50 More Characters: 50 More Books
Flick 28,2114.56
50 Nameless Novels
MSUKent 76,2184.41
A Book By Any Other Name
WackyZacky 55,5693.76
A Face from the Book
MSUKent 37,2894.38
A Song 'of' Ice & Fire
brocko 32,2074.44
A Song of Ice and Fire Surnames
beforever 85,3384.64
A Song of Ice and Fire Veteran Characters
Ofce 56,0813.96
A Storm of Swords POV Characters
PhilThePain 9,5264.38
A Year in Literature
vpetmad 27,3044.24
Aesop's Fables Illustrated
needapausebutton 20,4874.66
Alliterative Character to Novel
markassonne 13,2014.22
American Literature Titles Match-Up
khands 50,2134.46

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