Date: History

Published games from 2015.
12 Historical Dictators by Picture
JESUPO 52,7284.24
15th Century Match-Up
khands 34,2814.50
16 Historical Mistakes
Aprilli 56,0854.33
16th Century Names Match-Up
khands 49,8234.72
1920s Match-Up
khands 100,4724.67
1950s Match-Up
khands 154,3304.60
1970s in Pictures
Hejman 35,6813.76
1980s Match-Up
khands 236,9794.57
1990s Match-Up
khands 122,0824.27
2016 GOP Presidential Candidates
mvheald 24,2144.44
20th Century American Politicians (A-Z)
MrRazza 10,0694.47
20th Century Figures by Category
khands 47,8284.40
20th Century History Hodgepodge
trusting365 49,6354.44
20th Century Match-Up
khands 125,5034.63
20th Century World Leaders
RHLI 95,3494.59
21st Century Events by Country
william2 42,3904.55
21st Century World Leaders
RHLI 21,7034.40
40 English Women
Cortez 44,4004.50
5-Letter US Presidents
bandoneon1795 74,7404.48
6-Letter US Presidents
mselby 45,6624.55
A Historic Trip To Washington
needapausebutton 34,3534.51
Alive to See It?
Hejman 28,7144.35
Alphabetical 'History by Decade'
Quizmaster91 21,1674.66
American Civil War Match-up
khands 87,0494.50
'A'merican History Figures
william2 80,2524.54
American History: 1930s
GeorgiaPeach 27,2674.48
American History: 1950s
GeorgiaPeach 48,3464.28
American History: 1960s
GeorgiaPeach 27,0473.89
American History: 1970s
GeorgiaPeach 25,4224.12
Ancient Historical Figures by Civilization
khands 36,6994.66
Ancient History Bunker
CCCP 527,1524.28
Art Movement by Painters
markassonne 34,5374.63
Artists by Their Final Work
gallowcalibrator 28,5724.82
Aztec, Maya, or Inca?
Pedroia15 9,3594.70
Bastille Day
survivor 46,7754.46
Before or After: 1900
BamaMuaddib 36,0553.99
Biography: G
MSUKent 21,4124.47
Biography: M
MSUKent 24,2934.55
Biography: N
MSUKent 24,1084.13
Biography: P
MSUKent 27,1944.50

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