Date: History

Published games from 2015.
'A'merican History Figures
william2 56,8144.53
'C' American History
william2 70,4904.44
'D' American History
william2 57,1514.47
'E' American History
william2 44,3364.39
'F' American History
william2 41,8584.43
'F' American History Figures
william2 34,4374.43
'G' American History
william2 41,3224.30
'H' American History
william2 35,8314.39
'J' American History
william2 32,5154.20
'L' American History
william2 25,3594.29
'M' American History
william2 34,9294.60
'White-Collar' Historic Figures
beisaa 14,2334.58
12 Historical Dictators by Picture
JESUPO 41,5994.23
15th Century Match-up
khands 20,0464.42
16 Historical Mistakes
Aprilli 43,6234.37
16th Century Names Match-Up
khands 34,7594.68
1920s Match-Up
khands 45,1574.62
1950s Match-Up
khands 97,7834.57
1970s in Pictures
Hejman 28,5523.77
1980s Match-Up
khands 133,0704.55
2016 GOP Presidential Candidates
mvheald 19,9294.56
20th Century American Politicians (A-Z)
MrRazza 7,4134.44
20th Century Figures by Category
khands 34,2874.37
20th Century History Hodgepodge
trusting365 43,5594.41
20th Century Match-Up
khands 66,7154.58
20th Century World Leaders
RHLI 40,1044.54
21st Century Events by Country
william2 35,7294.53
21st Century World Leaders
RHLI 15,5204.37
40 English Women
Cortez 36,8734.53
5-Letter US Presidents
bandoneon1795 46,8294.42
6-Letter US Presidents
mselby 37,7674.49
A Historic Trip To Washington
needapausebutton 22,3574.40
Alive to See It?
Hejman 23,0144.47
Alphabetical 'History by Decade'
Quizmaster91 16,5884.64
American Civil War Match-up
khands 55,8024.49
American History: 1930s
GeorgiaPeach 22,4804.45
American History: 1950s
GeorgiaPeach 41,7334.29
American History: 1960s
GeorgiaPeach 21,7573.83
American History: 1970s
GeorgiaPeach 20,4404.07
Ancient Historical Figures by Civilization
khands 21,7954.68