Date: Geography

Published games from 2015.
'A' Cities by Picture
william2 64,3454.50
'A' in Europe
Cortez 105,6534.52
'B' Countries by Length
sproutcm 83,2904.47
'B' in Europe
Cortez 93,3004.56
'C' in Europe
Cortez 80,0944.58
'C' States
Laura1234 56,8683.90
'E'-Less African Countries
Bubble6001 30,9304.66
'F' Countries
bleedblue552 89,0104.16
'F' Countries on a Map
RobPro 144,6674.24
'H' Countries
marzoz10 65,2144.14
'H' Countries on a Map
RobPro 139,4894.40
'IS' That a US State?
sproutcm 135,9404.22
'J' Countries on a Map
RobPro 157,4874.14
'Kyrgyzstan' Countries
31415926535 53,8824.62
'L' Countries by Length
sproutcm 75,9304.39
'M' Countries by Length
sproutcm 78,7694.44
'M' States Blitz
NYYanks 106,3784.47
'MB' Countries
Flick 45,9584.51
'N' Countries on a Map
RobPro 145,2624.73
'N' States
haileydick773 144,9633.95
'P' Countries by Length
sproutcm 48,8034.18
'P' Countries on a Map
RobPro 145,1904.57
'R' Countries on a Map
RobPro 135,3094.31
'S' Countries on a Map
RobPro 154,5494.69
'S' States Blitz
NYYanks 99,2344.37
'T' Countries by Length
sproutcm 65,3834.51
'T' Countries on a Map
RobPro 117,8154.71
'T' in Geography
RobPro 69,3044.61
'U' Countries on a Map
RobPro 145,4674.67
'U'-Less European Countries
mselby 88,6514.51
'V' Countries
gqb 68,2054.22
'V' Countries on a Map
RobPro 117,1154.56
'W' States
fulhamfc 53,7133.99
10 Closest Capitals to Amsterdam
Bawm79 53,3194.62
10 Closest Capitals to Anchorage
guilherme_4 33,5814.80
10 Closest Capitals to Bishkek
RobPro 25,0734.42
10 Closest Capitals to Brasília
guilherme_4 25,3704.39
10 Closest Capitals to Dublin
RobPro 47,3024.43
10 Closest Capitals to Riyadh
RobPro 17,2854.44
10 Closest Capitals to Tokyo
RobPro 40,3934.35

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