Date: Literature

Published games from 2014.
'A' Authors
william2 24,9044.25
'A' Literature Match
sproutcm 27,2764.27
'B' Authors
william2 16,8124.31
'C' Authors
william2 18,7354.45
'E' Books by Cover
livicj5 30,6034.06
'F' Books by Cover
livicj5 32,9004.15
'G' Books by Cover
livicj5 35,3764.49
'H' Books by Cover
livicj5 33,6884.29
'Some Thing' Book Words
georgieburgess 4,4814.56
'The Heroes of Olympus' Books
Spacemaniac 7,4574.50
'W' Books by Cover
livicj5 32,1694.51
100 Books, 100 Authors
gvilleguy1124 30,1824.56
20 Awkward Questions For Fictional Characters
DesertSpartan 91,1273.89
20 Best Opening Lines From Novels
buppyspek 33,2253.54
20th Century Author Match-up
khands 34,4904.47
20th Century Literature Characters Match-up
khands 45,7474.21
20th Century Literature Match
CCCP 67,1274.39
3 Books, 1 Common Word
MSUKent 71,7974.52
30 in 60: Classic Novels
MSUKent 822,2093.57
31 Missing Novel Words
MSUKent 49,3724.32
5 Letter Names in Literature
Flick 23,4074.53
50 Heroes: 50 Books
Flick 60,6214.40
74th Hunger Games Bunker
myb555 189,3763.34
A Clash of Kings POV Characters
PhilThePain 13,4754.10
A Dance with Dragons: Most Mentioned Characters
Boruff 16,1293.98
A Feast for Crows: Most Mentioned Characters
maxvroom 24,0124.29
A Song of Ice and Fire Logic Puzzle
beforever 828,2834.47
Adjectives in Books
Dumbledore999 45,6974.25
Alive for Five? (Literature Edition)
Hejman 20,4684.35
Allegorical Authors
Flick 8,6634.04
Amazon 100 Books to Read In a Lifetime
jenneral 31,6943.64
Arthur C. Clarke Novels
MattieShoes 1,0134.55
ASOIAF Characters by Journey
Michiel 47,8944.63
ASoIaF Major Houses Typing Challenge
beforever 30,0134.41
Author & Character Matchmaker II
Flick 30,0794.60
Author or Fictional Person?
LTH 14,2824.65
Authors and Works A-Z
hscer 11,4004.21
Authors by Non-Fiction Book Cover
razorz 13,6124.45
Authors Sharing Names
Studogc 4,9244.33
Barnes & Noble Classics Covers
rlove832 35,9384.49

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