Date: History

Published games from 2014.
'A' in History II
wiggytitch 30,5744.57
'A'merican History
william2 90,5474.31
'B' American History
william2 73,6844.56
'I Have a Dream' - Most Frequently Used Words
sufradley 14,7734.52
'We Didn't Start the Fire' Images II
sproutcm 35,2194.00
'Z' in History
wiggytitch 29,8924.45
13 Colonies in 30 Seconds
sproutcm 40,8453.43
15 Famous Artists by Self-Portrait
jonesjeffum 38,3244.48
1930s Match-Up
khands 95,5014.55
1940s Match-Up
khands 110,1244.66
1960s Match-Up
khands 136,1654.48
1970s Match-Up
khands 111,0614.51
1980s in Pictures
Hejman 47,4494.32
19th Century Figures by Category
khands 55,1894.53
20th Century Women Match-Up
khands 61,7854.63
25 Years of the World Wide Web
amazingjosh 31,2614.50
3-Part Historical Figures
sproutcm 47,6254.02
4-Letter Presidents
hankii 79,7894.24
42 Assassins
THEJMAN 23,3564.43
A History of War
CCCP 44,6134.56
American History (A-Z) II
History_Lover 25,4994.36
American Revolution Match-up
khands 70,7684.43
American War by Image
Hejman 45,3874.31
American Wars by Map
Hejman 60,2004.17
Any Living Year
MovieGuru 48,5284.65
Any Living Year II
MovieGuru 43,1434.73
Anyone but US Presidents
Mateo56 682,0983.64
Artwork A-Z
CCCP 25,3514.65
Australia Z-A
Scott 13,7154.67
¡Viva La Revolución! - World Uprisings
Aprilli 29,7384.66
Before or After: Cubs 1908 World Series
naqwerty3 20,2244.51
Before or After: Historical Events II
NYYanks 39,2794.29
Biography: H
MSUKent 33,9954.19
Birth Country Match
CCCP 72,3184.70
Born in France
CCCP 27,5584.38
Born in the 1950s
AngrySi 24,7723.83
British Monarchs Minefield
gaydog 383,0564.02
Building Time
bazmerelda 123,0202.74
Can You Recognize Great Artists?
razorz 59,0464.64
Capitals of Europe in 1914
0LL13 40,1914.70

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