Date: Just For Fun

Published games from 2014.
'B' This Typing Challenge
MovieGuru 34,0894.30
'I've Been Framed!' Logic Puzzle
Purple_Parrot 136,1794.36
'Name' That Profession
MSUKent 56,3654.04
100 Number Matching Madness
Ubbiebubbie 205,9073.70
25 Number Logic Puzzle
Skinkwe 529,0944.33
25 Things We Learned in 2013
sufradley 93,4714.11
3-Letter Images A-Z
sproutcm 57,3694.15
4 Original Lucky Charms
Omnivius 19,1724.06
99 Nimble Numbers Match-Up
Headers2304 326,1173.83
A Very Odd Quiz
michaelsempai 141,3213.79
A-B-C-D-E Quiz
cwfuturewrestler 278,7783.62
Animals Faster than Usain Bolt
manonthemoon 66,1864.46
Answer the Previous Question
RedOllie 53,4924.31
Anything But 7
mathmaster55 219,7754.27
Anything but US States
Mateo56 582,0664.15
Are You 'Able'?
DesertSpartan 31,8713.67
Art or Not?
zigga 40,0394.16
Astonished Animals
Hejman 34,7014.35
Attack of the Vegetables!
RobPro 60,3054.11
Baby Animals Swimming
Hejman 44,0854.56
Bingo Card Logic Puzzle
goseaward 166,7294.40
Blitz: Does It Contain 'A'?
beforever 30,7213.96
Blitz: Does It Contain 'D'?
beforever 31,5283.92
Blitz: Does It Contain 'H'?
beforever 32,0063.91
Blitz: Does It Contain 'P'?
beforever 40,3624.08
Blood Type Logic Puzzle
metashades 141,9724.35
Bloody Mary Ingredients
Miles 15,1254.05
British Fandom 4x4
MovieGuru 19,6943.58
British vs. American Food Fight
estheredwards 101,6274.49
Canstruction: Animals
sproutcm 27,7043.91
Catholic Demon or Opera?
prockstar83 5,7034.31
Cats, Dogs, and Kangaroos!
metashades 288,4184.60
Chess or Cheese?
BombaySapphire 30,0804.38
Classic Clickable Jokes VI
JakeSpencer1 72,1314.20
Classic Clickable Jokes VII
koopa08 87,2364.03
Click a Stan
Flick 37,7874.49
Click Reclick
MSUKent 13,6743.84
Click the Correctly Spelled 'K'ountry
needapausebutton 272,1834.19
Click the SH
MSUKent 42,7904.33
Clickable Dog Jokes
KStericker 44,6683.82