Date: History

Published games from 2013.
13 Colonies (Redux)
Saints09 364,4684.32
1920s Blitz
Hejman 35,2594.22
20 Famous Construction Projects
georgieburgess 59,7324.37
20th Century Events by Decade
khands 82,1774.67
20th Century Events That Changed History
rockgolf 99,2933.60
20th Century Figures Match-up
khands 159,8084.73
50 Years of Headlines
Norwegian_dude 44,6604.05
6-Letter US Presidents Match-Up
Spacemaniac 29,1754.52
Accidental Inventions
Ellix 71,3704.62
African-American Senators
Phreekie 6,6864.56
Alive for Five? (History Edition)
Hejman 51,2594.38
American History Mystery
MovieGuru 65,8703.92
Ancient City Slideshow
CCCP 92,6384.64
Artist Name Match
Puzzgal 66,5624.73
Asian Countries by History
citkeane 43,9154.71
Asian Countries by History II
citkeane 32,5994.61
Before or After: Historical Events
NYYanks 43,9174.30
Bill of Rights (Part 2)
sproutcm 12,3354.48
Biography: E
MSUKent 26,6304.50
Biography: F
MSUKent 37,9324.31
Biography: S
MSUKent 37,8494.31
Blitz: Name a President Who...
DarkPhalanx 58,9614.74
British Prime Ministers' First Names
Ubbiebubbie 53,3004.64
Capital Presidents
Jsb6da 57,4224.25
Click a Bill
Cortez 63,7723.61
Colorful History
kekort2 38,8424.35
Commonest Words in Inaugural Addresses
dolebanana 38,2384.51
Consecutive Two-Term Presidents
Hejman 70,4764.21
Controversial Leaders
Colchester91 70,7824.53
Costliest Battles of the Civil War
Hejman 37,4094.68
Countries by Monarch
Colchester91 19,6974.39
Countries of the Americas by History
citkeane 24,8224.28
Countries of the Americas by History II
citkeane 32,8974.58
Countries of the Italian Maritime Republics
zeppelinoid 24,3674.63
Darwin's Travel Log
WonderJordan 10,5434.63
Died in Office (US Presidents)
PresidentJSC 33,0354.50
European Countries by Leaders
klempererfamily 22,1934.62
Explorers' First Names
LTH 38,2544.69
Eyewitness to America
Hejman 48,0604.73
Eyewitness to History
kekort2 43,2774.62

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