Date: Just For Fun

Published games from 2013.
'C' This Typing Challenge
MovieGuru 51,0624.00
'D' Typing Challenge
MovieGuru 36,4474.18
'G' Whiz Typing Challenge
MovieGuru 29,1824.36
'How Many Letters?' Minefield
chair 58,8264.01
'Purple' Rhymes of Dubious Quality
beisaa 30,9673.96
1-50 in 60
carrgrecss 3,113,2633.90
100 Animal Names
THEJMAN 101,6394.38
15 Category Mixed Word
chair 15,3214.12
2nd Letters Take the Cake
mrsmith 79,6574.33
52-Card Pickup!
eldar 158,4763.75
A Sporcle Logic Puzzle
chair 321,1863.81
Add-a-Letter Typing Challenge
Bucbowl03 83,9014.06
Alphabet Explosion!
slipkid 38,3483.50
Alphabet Words
inkspill19 28,5554.61
Angry Brands
Slinenfest 138,6914.16
Animal Frenzy
sproutcm 63,9893.91
Animals According to Google
RobPro 41,8253.46
Animals by Feet Close-Up
lharpo42 63,3604.39
Animals on the Loose at Sporting Events
needapausebutton 42,5774.64
Banned from Flight
Hejman 40,9674.19
Beanie Baby Animals
CCCP 36,5964.50
Ben and Jerry's: Real or Fake?
Geo1 66,5034.30
Blended Blues Blitz
puckett86 9,1983.94
Boy Band or Insect Repellent?
BamaMuaddib 29,2624.19
Brand Names: Real Person?
MSUKent 35,4424.24
Cake or Death? II
amabam_amare 109,7073.99
Can Google Read Minds?
MrChewypoo 64,5114.37
Cartoon Therapy
Hejman 73,2853.89
Categorize the Meal
Puzzgal 63,6264.29
Cereal Mascot Match
giveupyet 75,3634.37
Classic Clickable Jokes III
manonthemoon 165,2953.98
Classic Clickable Jokes IV
mrsiriustab 121,9054.34
Classic Clickable Jokes V
knightwing 80,1503.98
Click the Rainbow Challenge
Stanford0008 168,1233.46
Click to Your Next Clue
MSUKent 81,6464.57
TheBestDRose 19,4592.97
slipkid 50,5214.21
Clicking Colors of Google
naqwerty3 62,3053.45
Clikipedia: Gross!
MSUKent 54,2424.38
Codebreaker Logic Puzzle
dm21uk 617,2094.42