Date: Literature

Published games from 2012.
...But Is It Shakespeare? II
druhutch 18,1844.60
100 Best Novels by Any Word
MSUKent 81,5804.32
2nd in the Series (Literature)
jdfulp 15,7544.20
50 Characters: 50 Books
Flick 367,3424.62
75th Hunger Games Arena
PK9 62,6344.25
'A' Books by Cover
livicj5 103,7174.41
A Clash of Kings: Most Mentioned
maxvroom 76,1794.43
A Dream Deferred
catcherj 8,0004.45
A Game of Thrones POV Characters
couchsurfer 69,1673.96
'A' Literature Quiz
wiggytitch 58,8794.61
A Song of Ice and Fire Books
akosirm 22,9403.87
A Song of Ice and Fire Nickname Match
druhutch 74,8094.47
A Song of Ice and Fire Nicknames
MadHatterBlues 119,2474.07
'A Tale of Two Cities' Opening
sproutcm 28,7424.36
Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes?
slipkid 30,2994.47
Alphabet Soup (Shakespeare)
citkeane 112,6613.72
Anne of Green Gables Books
lilylady1989 4,8114.58
Arya Stark's Kill List
druhutch 56,4024.48
Author & Character Matchmaker
LTH 226,2314.66
Author Anagrams
sproutcm 16,4884.45
Author Marries Character
MSUKent 25,5804.63
'B' Literature Quiz
wiggytitch 36,1994.42
Beginning Book Titles
MovieGuru 53,4164.58
Blitz: Name the Harry Potter...
sproutcm 138,0504.42
Book By Supporting Characters
MasterPenguin 26,1074.56
Book Title Misprints
MSUKent 100,5464.33
Book Titles Missing First Names
MSUKent 73,0734.60
Book Titles Missing Surnames
MSUKent 71,0184.34
Books Without Their Authors
oldkent 23,3363.89
'Casey at the Bat' (Final Stanza)
Kicking222 11,1014.61
Character in Wrong Book!
MSUKent 52,9304.31
Characters of the Aeneid
TheArbiter 4,8504.46
Characters: Dickens, Rowling, or Dahl?
MSUKent 58,2354.36
Charles Dickens Tweets?
rockgolf 11,4594.35
Children's Book Characters
schouw 157,2654.48
Clickable Autobiographies
MrChewypoo 106,7154.52
Common Professions in Romance Novels
rockgolf 47,5593.39
Commonest Words in Lord of the Rings
THEJMAN 42,5014.66
Commonest Words in 'The Hobbit'
MrChewypoo 32,2114.39
Commonest Words in The Hunger Games
dolebanana 55,0934.12

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