Date: Entertainment

Published games from 2012.
'A' Entertainment Images
druhutch 115,6293.88
'B' Entertainment Images
druhutch 81,1613.87
'C' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 134,6344.17
'Commercially' Viable
Hejman 44,0944.62
'D' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 119,8374.25
'E' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 113,8393.84
'F' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 171,2334.21
'G' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 144,5804.37
'H' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 108,3244.21
'J' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 87,0534.31
'K' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 81,1424.28
'L' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 90,7994.26
'M' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 84,1394.21
'N' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 72,4684.10
'O' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 64,0823.99
Are They Related?
prockstar83 122,0944.27
Are They Related? II
prockstar83 79,7004.14
Awesome Comebacks
CatStarcatcher 104,8194.25
Bald and Loving It!
BanjoZebra 82,8904.27
Bearded Ladies
citkeane 61,8054.32
Best-selling Car Brands (Europe)
EssessNine97 41,7374.50
Best-Selling Comics (2000s)
Detektor 10,4623.35
Broadway Musicals based on Movies
slottedspoon 26,1984.08
Broadway Word Ladder
MovieGuru 16,9144.57
Broadway: As Good As Its Similes
MovieGuru 27,0614.25
Cartoon Character by Mouth
zhambsch 88,2194.48
Celebrities Before and After III
europro 28,5034.26
Celebrity Overlap Pairs
sproutcm 54,2063.94
Celebrity Spelling Test
MrChewypoo 25,2704.22
Clickipedia: Villains!
MSUKent 71,8194.40
Clicktional Destinations
MovieGuru 90,0894.49
Clikipedia: Monsters!
MSUKent 95,0384.58
Common Comic Strips
rockgolf 13,2924.48
Cryptogram: Family Games!
yippeeyappee 8,9794.41
Did They Go to Jail?
dolebanana 219,0974.09
Disney Characters Close-Up
midlifecrisis 310,3584.14
Disney Movie Roundup
MovieGuru 137,9554.10
Dynamic Duo Match 'Em Up
MSUKent 102,8234.00
Eurovision Host Cities
dan_cortese 33,9194.28
Faces on TIME (1950s)
googlebird 132,0724.48

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