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Published games from 2012.
#1 Artists by Decade (Per Letter)
jmsr525 34,8744.39
#2 Artists of the 2000s
irice22 34,7944.08
'24' Moles
moyerset1 5,3023.39
'50 Ways' Guys
klopek 36,7594.31
'60s Rock Clips
Mad_Hatter 16,5134.48
'70s Sitcoms
Hejman 52,0074.65
'80s Metal Bands by Lead Singer
DkPhoenix 20,4653.39
'80s Movies by Cast
MSUKent 71,4504.18
'80s Sitcoms
Hejman 72,0154.54
'90s Bands: Highest Charting Single
turd__ferguson 35,9754.43
'90s Sitcoms
Hejman 100,7524.55
'A Tale of Two Cities' Opening
sproutcm 25,0774.32
'A' Books by Cover
livicj5 87,5264.38
'A' Entertainment Images
druhutch 116,7023.89
'A' First Names
wiggytitch 120,8634.17
'A' Literature Quiz
wiggytitch 52,6944.59
'A' Missing Letter Movie Match
livicj5 48,8274.09
'A' Movie Characters
druhutch 133,5714.24
'A'-Less Countries (A-Z)
A5l9 86,1674.60
'A'-Less European Countries
milc 155,6664.44
'A'-Less Grab Bag
leppyfresh 64,1644.38
'A'-nnoying Typing Challenge
MovieGuru 73,2454.36
'Africa' Lyrics
tx8 42,2214.67
'B' Capitals
Lauro 112,1804.73
'B' Countries
bleedblue552 175,4674.53
'B' Entertainment Images
druhutch 82,0223.87
'B' in History
wiggytitch 137,4924.36
'B' Literature Quiz
wiggytitch 33,1914.43
'B' Movie Characters
druhutch 120,6544.31
'Bennie & The Jets' Lyrics
giveupyet 20,6074.41
'Beverly Hillbillies' Theme Song Lyrics
slipkid 18,9854.43
'Big 4' Non-City Geographic Names
corndog 78,8013.89
'Body Part' Word Bash
rockgolf 73,1554.25
'C' Celebrity Images
sproutcm 135,0414.18
'C' Countries
youppiinamerica 147,2844.44
'C' in History
wiggytitch 133,8764.42
'C' Movie Characters
druhutch 95,4454.26
'C' Named Bands & Musicians
prockstar83 76,4294.30
'California Dreamin' Lyrics
rauzat1 31,0054.54
'Call Me Maybe' Lyrics
allyoop123 167,0034.30

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