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Published games from 2011.
007 In Other Words
Anne13 100,1864.62
100 Directors
anchors_away 25,7954.64
12 Angry Men Casts
virtualinsanity 4,5734.28
159 Most Common Movie Title Words
rockgolf 248,3574.61
4+ Oscar Acting Nominations, No Wins
austinlee 23,9934.22
57 'C' Movies
DarkPhalanx 99,2193.85
57 'D' Movies
DarkPhalanx 89,9624.03
60 Second Blitz: Pixar Movies
jdfulp 89,9714.32
'70s Box Office Hits by Year
rockgolf 49,0924.55
'80s Box Office Hits by Year
rockgolf 77,9074.57
'80s Movies by Characters
tjconn728 75,3474.39
'90s Movies by Cast
MSUKent 132,2624.32
'90s Movies by Characters
tjconn728 114,7384.34
'A' Movies by Picture
sweett310 411,0344.25
Abbott and Costello Movies
gandalf 3,5183.34
Actor by Clip
gwukelic 69,3404.54
Actor Occupations
LTH 92,0084.22
Actor Speed Challenge
LTH 309,0363.61
Actors by Best and Worst
sproutcm 58,6833.89
Actors by Most AFI Top 100 Films
geowiz85 99,0514.59
Actors by Words from Movie Titles
MSUKent 60,4214.27
Actresses by Words from Movie Titles
MSUKent 57,2354.60
Actually, That's Not True
Justinpbg 111,9664.32
Ad-libs Made Famous
FearTheManatee 115,2744.25
AFI Quotes - Word for Word
LTH 144,1444.72
AFI Quotes - Word for Word II
LTH 100,6634.59
AFI Quotes - Word for Word III
LTH 65,9004.34
AFI Quotes Extravaganza
LTH 84,9624.62
Airplane - Wrong Week to Quit
yosaif 43,4354.49
Akira Kurosawa Movies
CFKane1982 6,0694.36
Alliterative Film Titles
GeordieGordie 21,8433.34
Altered Movies
sproutcm 89,1354.12
And The Losers Are... (Best Picture)
caramba 35,2484.10
Animation Invasion
FearTheManatee 97,5534.18
'B' Movies by Picture
sweett310 292,8633.92
B-Movie or BS?
SpartyK 18,9163.83
Babelfish Movies II
bazmerelda 72,6274.26
Babelfish Movies III
bazmerelda 49,7034.15
Bacon Links
Phyrkrakr 44,3873.71
Bad Review? Best Picture!
mrdhenshaw 77,5064.22

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