Date: History

Published games from 2011.
'A' in History
wiggytitch 154,7844.54
'America the Beautiful' State Quarters
sproutcm 56,4294.08
'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' States
Hejman 51,4024.68
'N'-Less Presidents
jdfulp 83,0554.42
'S'-Less Presidents
Chris968 105,6694.38
100 Most Populous World Cities 1950
aroundandabout 97,8474.69
200 Year Quiz
hscer 71,5144.46
2000s Blitz
Hejman 117,7954.05
7 Classical Liberal Arts
tclaycooper 16,2504.18
African Countries by Independence Date
ACL 16,4144.37
American Control
quizace 96,4524.02
An Extra Special Relationship
echelon66 18,8864.15
Ancient Egypt A-Z
NERampage 17,4404.02
Ancient Roman History A-Z
Chunklets 18,9433.81
Battles of the World
SirMattio 124,3304.51
Bill of Rights (Part 1)
sproutcm 43,2354.65
Borders of Germany (1871-)
Edelweiss 73,8494.55
Borders of Italy (1861-)
Edelweiss 28,3184.35
British Monarch by Description
c_sandiego 34,6114.60
British Royal Family Tree
cheganmaney 136,7224.25
Car Crash Celebrities
Rom 13,9353.48
Cities of the Roman Empire
BluntDiplomat 31,1904.36
Constitutional Amendments
3sticks 107,9684.07
Costliest Atlantic Hurricanes
xDragon 25,1804.25
Countries by 1950 Leaders
Milan 41,0214.55
Countries by Historical Travel Posters
ElectricalBrain 101,8894.67
Countries of the Austrian Empire
zeppelinoid 64,0644.56
Countries of the British Empire
zeppelinoid 254,5344.49
Countries of the Dutch Empire
zeppelinoid 67,6344.60
Countries of the French Empire
zeppelinoid 95,7094.55
Countries of the German Empires
zeppelinoid 66,2274.47
Countries of the Holy Roman Empire
zeppelinoid 75,7594.48
Countries of the Italian Empire
zeppelinoid 57,0124.33
Countries of the Ottoman Empire
zeppelinoid 150,2334.72
Countries of the Portuguese Empire
zeppelinoid 52,1014.63
Countries of the Roman Empire
zeppelinoid 139,3524.81
Countries of the Russian/Soviet Empires
zeppelinoid 104,9134.57
Countries of the Spanish Empire
zeppelinoid 149,5064.62
Countries on Crusade
AdamBishop 38,9634.03
Country by Revolutionary Group
gnatural 32,8613.91