Date: Just For Fun

Published games from 2011.
1-100 (Digit Values)
gwukelic 91,3093.89
3-Letter Blitz
sproutcm 107,5364.23
4-Letter Safe Cracker
guide 168,2803.18
42 Forty-Twos
wiggytitch 64,4704.58
60 Second Blitz: 'ABC' Countries
RobPro 102,8103.32
60 Second Blitz: 'S' Countries
RobPro 132,1024.02
60 Second Blitz: Shakespeare's Plays
RobPro 40,7703.78
A-Z Spelling Bee
googlebird 62,7934.11
Alphabet Minefield
slipkid 122,0003.72
Alphabet Rhyme Blitz
puckett86 246,8562.97
Animal by Eye Close-Up
PurpleHaze 374,8464.57
Cola Wars
Enigma9994 100,5723.98
Compound Word Ladder
MrChewypoo 98,7684.04
Country Hangman
puckett86 121,8714.03
Crayola Crayon per Letter
sproutcm 87,3954.11
Cryptogram by Category
enough 14,0914.56
Cryptogram: Beer!
yippeeyappee 58,3664.16
Cryptogram: Countries II
yippeeyappee 16,8274.61
Cryptogram: Countries!
yippeeyappee 47,4544.41
Cryptogram: Vegetables!
yippeeyappee 54,3164.26
Cryptogram: Where Do You Live?
yippeeyappee 7,2334.40
Days of the Week
druhutch 66,8114.05
Disney Animated Movies Blitz
Nameless 228,3523.63
Dog Breeds by Puppies
cbdollyy 307,6504.54
Double Word Squares
rockgolf 71,8862.84
Drawing a Blank III
jdfulp 793,8153.29
Drawing a Blank IV
jdfulp 187,7653.47
Facebook Relationship Status
bmizia 180,7793.67
Fame Chain Game
prockstar83 88,9613.95
Fast Food Restaurant by Burger
jayrodss7 589,6033.90
Fictional Emails II
UnitedEditors 94,9043.92
Fifteen in Five
puckett86 147,0614.53
Finding the Keys
sproutcm 143,6534.03
First and Last Letters
Flick 95,0704.00
Flash Card Math Blitz
godpaul26 95,3273.56
Fruit Close-Up
puckett86 229,9774.27
Geography Scavenger Hunt
Escaho 243,9794.54
Guess the Letter
bazmerelda 41,3104.34
If Presidents Were Dogs
Hejman 44,9113.84
Ingredients in Worcestershire Sauce
BombaySapphire 16,2044.03

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