Date: Music

Published games from 2010.
#1 Songs Fill-in-the-Blank
sproutcm 192,1934.39
#1 Songs Fill-in-the-Blank II
sproutcm 126,4204.29
'A' Bands
AwesomeWillv1 100,6453.36
'Don't Worry, Be Happy' Lyrics
Derek 28,2443.69
'No No No' Songs
kane2742 55,9483.19
'Of' Songs
midlifecrisis 78,1873.91
'Song' Songs
devyfan 116,1633.94
'We are the World: 25' Singers
jeve42 50,8302.60
3+ #1s on One Album
leviper 26,1213.54
5-Letter Songs by Clip
rockgolf 119,5604.23
A-List Musicians
rockgolf 66,4203.36
ABBA Albums
gris379 5,4594.11
Album Covers IV
luckluster 97,3213.77
Album Titles Starting with 'Songs...'
jaymc 16,2283.35
Albums (A-Z)
enough 36,3134.10
Albums - First Words
paranoid_android 47,5754.30
Alice's Restaurant
lukebradford 6,6694.44
All Time Low Songs
phoebejeebies 39,9812.92
Alliterative Musicians
Scott 137,5154.00
America Songs
rockgolf 48,3983.66
American Pie Lyrics
WONDERCHUNKS 123,8884.10
Artist by 'Sexy' Song
Flick 67,7523.76
Artist Showcase: Stevie Wonder
GoldLion 4,4064.36
Artists Who Hit #1 (2000s)
VikingDevil53 193,9334.27
Backwards Songs
rockgolf 47,1154.64
Bad Romance Wants
Mxlexrd 81,4843.86
Band by Deceased Member
gointDB 67,6253.98
Band by Greatest Hits Album
Octoman 110,9313.65
Band Mates
Kicking222 91,2523.81
Band Name Match Up
Sarahbelle 123,1873.88
Bands by Antonym
youngs2009 342,5694.04
Bands by Antonym II
DerKomissar 183,9923.70
Bands by First Name
NotBurt 129,5173.94
Bands By Member (1970s)
caramba 59,7734.22
Bands By Member (1980s)
caramba 76,8054.04
Bands by Member - '60s Edition
caramba 47,4954.11
Bands in Other Words
LTH 128,5794.33
Beatles Fill-in-the-Blank
sproutcm 245,6904.68
Beatles Texts Messages
elasticpretzel 86,2373.21
Before and After: Music
SMcGrady 48,7153.47

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