Date: Movies

Published games from 2010.
#1 Movies: 2009
irice22 70,5483.55
4+ Oscar Acting Oscar Noms
loserboy 68,0924.28
5-Letter Movie Titles
livfred 110,2143.90
57 'A' Movies
DarkPhalanx 154,7073.64
57 'B' Movies
DarkPhalanx 153,3423.97
Actor by Movie Quote
enough 170,6074.47
Actor by Movie Quote II
enough 83,6294.26
Actor Pairings II
katesutton 79,7803.60
Actor-Director Collaborations
spqr 73,1484.56
Actors by Movies
enough 158,2334.04
Actors by Role II
JohnJF 111,9663.80
Actors Kill Actors
hahobigshot 106,7673.94
Adam Sandler Movies by Recurring Themes
stanvick 148,3434.29
Al Pacino Oscar Nominations
Ben 41,2504.21
'American' Movies
dldove77 125,4333.48
Ang Lee Movies
Kicking222 12,6964.18
Animal House Frat Members
Kicking222 20,2974.19
Animal Movies
lupin 170,6594.14
Animated Movie by Characters
enough 340,2584.56
Animated Movies by Picture
lupin 826,9234.30
Audrey Hepburn Movies
Ross 16,0863.92
Babelfish Movies
bazmerelda 106,9234.42
Back to the Future Quotes
kgolisano 159,3364.54
Batman Actors/Actresses
cochiseTX 133,9564.37
Before and After: Movies
stanvick 172,9504.24
Ben Affleck Movies by Critical Thrashing
druhutch 40,7874.44
Best Actor Nominations ('80s)
mrschroeder 63,1604.39
Best Actor Oscar Movies
AndyXing 93,7794.59
Best Picture by Character
Franck63 103,1584.09
Best Picture per Letter
enough 87,8204.29
Best Picture Unique Words
LTH 84,3364.36
Best Pictures By Quote (1990-2009)
DarkPhalanx 187,5414.28
Best Sup. Actor Oscar Nominees (90s)
YesMoreMaciej 60,5594.65
Best Sup. Actress Oscar Nominees (90s)
groovymule 43,6734.21
Best Supporting Actor Oscar Movies
llewelynofwales 38,4814.33
Biggest Box Office Stars 1932-2013
Gold26 118,1804.27
Biopic People
Sneuticles 59,8634.16
Bond Villains
Orhan94 79,5114.26
Box Office Top 50 (2000s)
Smanoose 313,9754.21
Brian De Palma Movies
Ben 7,8484.23

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