Date: Literature

Published games from 2010.
'The Giving Tree' Things
alphadog 24,3324.24
100 Authors by Their Characters
kthxbai 110,7834.24
A Giant's Opinions on Humans
oldkent 27,0013.07
A Novel Approach to Authors
sproutcm 47,6373.90
Adaptations: Name the Title
scarequotes 47,7364.12
Alex Rider Books
Sheldon 9,2504.12
All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter
Foxen 30,2164.52
Allusions To People
triviahappy 125,6203.71
Author by Movie Scene
lupin 87,3184.46
Authors of Time's Greatest
algernon 54,6494.28
Book by First Name Mentioned
Flick 137,7764.25
Book Reviews By Cat
Tahnan 111,7864.18
Book Title by Movie
JayHankEdLyonJr 66,6864.16
Book Title by Subtitle
JayHankEdLyonJr 54,1514.09
Book Title Fill-in-the-Blank
arutkowski02 306,1594.28
Book Titles by Antonym
youngs2009 226,0754.17
Book Titles by Antonym II
juicydrink 134,3533.39
Book Titles In Other Words
LTH 100,5134.23
Books by Chapter Titles
missmay 92,2034.45
Books by Chapter Titles II
missmay 61,6044.08
Books by Haiku
Novy 89,5254.43
Characters in Shakespeare's Hamlet
simpsone4 46,9224.21
Characters in Shakespeare's King Lear
simpsone4 19,0644.17
Children's Book By Synonym
AshinaFlash1986 127,2524.33
Children's Books by Cover Images
mgwiley26 262,1054.19
Children's Books by Last Line
CrazyCat 57,3103.93
Commonly Asked About Literature
Rainmaker203 72,5354.71
Complete the Shakespeare Quote
sproutcm 62,1004.18
Countries in Shakespeare
johnlk 96,2184.59
Cullen Family
Sarahbelle 99,5722.87
David Sedaris Books
HaroldBloom 7,1113.50
Dumbledore's Army
scumm29 200,0684.41
Elves of Middle-Earth
crispyceme 16,9644.40
Episodes in 'Ulysses'
Esme 2,6184.16
Fairy Tales by Illustration
lupin 182,8914.47
Famous Epic Poems
ffl 43,1044.42
Famous Novel Anagrams
WyattsTorch 73,1994.19
Fantasy Authors by Setting
livfred 31,7493.98
Fictional Books
Detektor 28,7354.27
Fictional Fiction
salifou 41,7304.20