Date: Literature

Published games from 2009.
'The Hobbit' Dwarves
Ben 83,8964.43
50 Greatest Comic Characters
Ben 114,5943.01
Agatha Christie Novels
Ben 34,1924.36
And Then There Were None
Tats 4,7843.94
Animorph Books
Robert_Seth 3,5263.14
Artemis Fowl Books
HenryFieldstone 12,8704.13
Author By Character
SporcleAdmin 90,5573.98
Authors by Title
Tats 47,3573.68
Ben 41,3663.54
BBC Top 100 Books
Caesar 134,9974.25
Books by Antagonist
kaboom132 146,6124.29
Books by Their Covers
SporcleAdmin 679,2334.27
Books Closing Lines
Derek 144,6233.78
Canterbury Tales Pilgrims
me777 21,4533.88
Carnegie Medal Winners
ntnon 1,8532.52
Classic Books by Initials
Zeus12888 126,3493.99
Color Books
Derek 67,3143.33
Comic Creators
ntnon 20,3073.17
Dan Brown Books
HenryFieldstone 35,3163.25
Danielle Steel Novels
Ben 2,5872.19
Dean Koontz Novels
ryanh221 2,9612.89
Dewey Decimal System
gateau 33,9393.97
Disney Authors
spqr 35,5984.23
Dune Books
KrazyKristoff 4,2683.78
Everworld Books
Robert_Seth 5792.95
French Literature
davidr 33,7094.27
Funeral Blues
Derek 4,7393.46
George Orwell Books
Derek 23,1214.11
Green Eggs and Ham
Booger 298,3334.49
Hardy Boys Books
PhilSandifer 2,6343.63
Harry Potter A-Z
Kelsey 859,8024.37
Harry Potter Classes
Derek 484,8884.41
Harry Potter Pets
SporcleAdmin 322,3744.22
Harry Potter Surnames
Derek 1,185,3354.44
Harry Potter: Patronuses
Sarahbelle 186,2524.11
Hugo Award Novels
MRL 6,0953.80
Hungry Caterpillar Foods
Derek 50,4204.06
Irish Authors
davidr 26,3523.95
John Irving Novels
Robert_Seth 6,9523.26
John Steinbeck Bibliography
Ben 17,8233.73

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