Date: Geography

Published games from 2008.
Africa Populous Cities
Matt 147,1474.49
AIDS/HIV Infection Rates
davidr 180,8613.97
Americas' Populous Cities
Matt 361,5563.61
Asia Populous Cities
Matt 185,0294.16
Australian States
Derek 175,7074.42
Boroughs of NYC
Derek 340,2064.35
Canada Populous Metros
weizenugb 203,7014.57
Canadian Provinces
Derek 517,9484.65
Capitals of Africa
Matt 811,9924.72
Capitals of Asia
Matt 779,4574.59
Capitals of Europe
Matt 2,067,2964.74
Capitals of North America
Matt 586,0704.59
Capitals of Oceania
Matt 445,1424.66
Capitals of South America
Matt 678,7154.68
Capitals of the World
Matt 1,421,3214.77
Ceremonial Counties of England
Matt 726,0714.64
City Nicknames
Derek 281,9504.02
College Towns
Ben 203,8644.20
Common Counties
SporcleAdmin 95,3644.13
Counties of Ireland
Derek 287,3094.41
Counties of Wales
Matt 40,6983.72
Countries of Antarctica
Matt 603,9314.20
Countries of OPEC
Derek 119,1774.34
Countries of the World
Matt 14,284,8304.75
Deepest Oceans and Seas
SporcleAdmin 169,3513.73
Densely Populated Countries
davidr 245,7144.63
Emirates of the UAE
Derek 39,7864.24
Europe Populous Cities
Matt 368,6944.09
Flags of Africa
Matt 374,9604.66
Flags of Asia
Matt 408,3244.76
Flags of Europe
Matt 1,239,9794.77
Flags of North America
Matt 444,5594.66
Flags of Oceania
Matt 239,5174.70
Flags of South America
Matt 441,9984.68
G8 (+5) Countries
Matt 177,3394.31
Great Lakes
Derek 301,6424.32
Hawaiian Islands
Derek 79,1594.39
Historic Counties of England
Matt 157,9944.53
Historical Counties of Scotland
Matt 55,1014.03
Landlocked Countries
Matt 182,3854.72

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