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Two-Word Oscar Winners
Zipcity 3
5 to 1: Best Picture Oscar Winners
epicPorter 22
One-Word Oscar Winners
Zipcity 8
🏆 Oscar's Biggest Stars
rockgolf 22
MCU Character Profile: Hulk
hunteronstage 7
Follow That Line: The Princess Diaries
lewistomi 4
Women Directors Match-Up
Verity27 15
Scorsese's Best Director Nominations in Order
Pilgab 26
2017 Movie Slot Machine
beforever 44
A-Z Movies
cwoods80 15
Taylor Swift's Movies
emeraldlady 5
He Never Won an Oscar!
mediagirl 25
Evolution of Hulk in Movies
valaki 7
MCU Character Profile: Thor
hunteronstage 54
MCU Character Profile: Captain America
hunteronstage 67
Sound Editing Oscar Nominees 1975-2018
PaddyMulholland 9
2018 Movie Slot Machine V
beforever 80
Actor/Actress Movie Match VII
cwoods80 34
Movies R Fun
worbod 18
If Pixar Had Facebook 2
nathanburneau 3
Actor/Actress Movie Match VI
cwoods80 48
If Disney Had Facebook: Pixar Edition
nathanburneau 6
'Dogma' Start to Finish
Thebiguglyalien 51
Forget that Movie!
Hejman 153
MCU Character Profile: Iron Man
hunteronstage 66
I Acted with an Oscar Nominee: Naomi Watts
JoseGonzalez 65
I Acted with an Oscar Nominee: Jamie Foxx
JoseGonzalez 62
I Acted with an Oscar Nominee: Bryan Cranston
JoseGonzalez 62
Movie Themed Sets: 1 to 12
mariapiscitelli5 38
Every DC Movie Lead Role
bgriffin00 33
Oscar Nominees In Both Acting And Non-Acting Categories
NedPetrie 49
Every Marvel Movie Lead Role
bgriffin00 68
Sound Mixing Oscar Nominees 1969-2018
PaddyMulholland 4
MCU movies
percyjackson05 12
Profile: The Incredible Hulk
WalshyMusic 28
3 Movies, 1 Name
MSUKent 112
Kingsman: The Secret Service Events In Order
hjckr 146
'O' Words in Oscar Best Picture Winners
Pilgab 51
2018 Movie Slot Machine IV
beforever 83
Watchmojo's Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies Of All Time
SimeOh_YT 32
Hot Fuzz: Why Were They Killed?
RioMadeira 22
Bedazzled: Elliot's Wishes
RioMadeira 16
Is That a Sequel?
aduchscher 87
Spirit Nominees (2018)
rlagreda 20
Name Every Nicholas Sparks Film
knights_19 5
Opening Movie Lines
DanTheMan2150AD 23
By Any Other Name: Movies
WhoFan1979 48
Stanley Kubrick Movies Quiz
Vexillologer 14
Percy Jackson Quiz
percyjackson05 3
Sherlock episodes
percyjackson05 1

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