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Shakespeare Characters: Julius Caesar
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Shakespeare Characters: King Lear
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Shakespeare Characters: Othello
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Six Famous 'N' Playwrights
Flick 27
The War Song of Dinas What?
nabean 5
Races of Krynn
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Navigate through this Harry Potter Trivia Puzzle!
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Wise Man's Fear Character by Mention
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ASOIAF: Which dead character is doing what?
Phine 20
English Quiz
jackaronson23 2
British Literary Periods
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Discworld Anagrams
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ASOIAF or Historical Battle
johnhoban42 6
GRE Subject Test in Literature: Greek/Roman God Jobs
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Harry Martinson Novels
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Gerhart Hauptmann Novels
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Warrior Cats The Darkest Hour Allegiances
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Heroes of Olympus Definitions
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Author by Second Book II
Flick 5
Austen Characters & Novels Match-Up
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Which Harry Potter Character Am I Thinking Of?
lolshortee 20
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle: Marauder's Map
Ervige 13
Shakespeare Builder
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Personal Narrative
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Charles Dickens Builder
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Ultimate Percy Jackson and the Olympian Name List
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Really Really Scene 6
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History of Magic 2 TCUTS
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Authors and their Works Part V (Copy 21)
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Authors and their Works Part VI (Copy 20)
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Authors and their Works Part VII (Copy 19)
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All Characters in Tolkien's works starting with S
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What Else Shall We Call You?
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'The Great Gatsby' Start to Finish
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Harry Potter pure-blood families {surnames}
pigeonface 3
Gryffindor House
princessanjie 7
Midnight on the great western by Thomas Hardy
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Harry Potter: Which House Quiz
Sundance1969 3
A Song of Ice and Fire - House Sigils by Definition III
Holly62092 3
A Song of Ice and Fire - House Sigils by Definition II
Holly62092 2
'Is There Anybody There?' said the What?
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Harry Potter Logic Puzzle - Pretty Hard
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Harry Potter Book 7 character introductions by chapter
winte001 5
Scholastic Bowl Literature Part 1
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Ravenclaw House
princessanjie 22
Slytherin House
princessanjie 1
Hufflepuff House
princessanjie 1
Hogwarts Students in Harry's Year
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Authors and their Works Part VIII (Copy 17)
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Authors and their Works Part IX (Copy 16)
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