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Black Family Tapestry
Nacchi 1
Numerical Book Title Match
midnight_dreary 1
Choose houses of Westeros while avoiding decoys
mad_mayu 22
The Sacred Twenty-Eight (Harry Potter)
Nacchi 11
Lord Byron Biography
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Names in Book Titles Match
midnight_dreary 10
Psycho Pop Playhouse Book Trivia
CaitlanEve 0
Harry Potter places in chapter titles
leahmarie25 36
Name Shounen Jump Manga Through Author/Authors
jpablojr 16
Harry Potter characters named in chapter titles
leahmarie25 83
Marvel Edge
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DC Implosion (1978)
fausty616 2
Match authors to biographical facts, part I
Aaron_Kashtan 1
TIME Cover Stories - Authors
hatefulmissy 4
Jack Reacher Profile
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ASOIAF: Vocabulary Vol. IV.
Pilgab 17
Quick Pick: Greatest Gumshoes
shirleyalpha 1
Finish the Famous Dumbledore Quote
lolshortee 7
Clickbait Books
jwalsh101 2
Aubrey and Maturin Facts
MM21 0
ASOIAF: Anagrammed Westerosi Houses
Pilgab 3
The Chronicles of Narnia Books' Definitions
alinrotundu 1
Members of the Runaways
Kanpo1 0
Harry Potter Horcrux Matching
hogcaller8 2
A Series of Unfortunate Events logic puzzle
stellahayman3 2
Literary J PEGS
Ruined By A Letter: Novels
samc67 12
Harry Potter Yule Ball
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ASOIAF: Vocabulary Vol. III.
Pilgab 7
Paul Jennings' Short Stories
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Sadie Vocab
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50 Mythical Creatures!
squeakduck00 1
ASOIAF: They faced against the Dragonlord
Pilgab 2
The 7 Stages of Hero's Journey, in Order
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ASOIAF This or That Blitz: Bros, Hoes, Crows or a Rose?
stevenmiller61 3
One Word Novels - One Letter Out!
nabean 1
Sassy ASOIAF quotes
mad_mayu 2
Multi-Category Blitz: A Song of Ice and Fire
stevenmiller61 4
Best Selling Manga 2016
jpablojr 1
ASOIAF: Band of Nine
Pilgab 0
ASOIAF: Find the Seven Gods
Pilgab 3
'Nature is a Heraclitean Fire' by Gerard Manley Hopkins
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Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament
allwaswell151 1
Richard II Act V Soliloquy (Part 2/2)
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Richard II Act V Soliloquy (Part 1/2)
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Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup
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ASOIAF: Vocabulary Vol. II.
Pilgab 1
Which 'P' or 'Q' Book Did They Write?
Cutthroat 6
Dante's Divine Comedy by Gustave Doré Depictions
WillieG 0
The Dickens of an Anagram! Martin Chuzzlewit
nabean 1