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La Belle Dame Sans What?
nabean 0
Warrior Cats Ships
Lunar_Ink 1
Name the Percy Jackson Books
bossisbrendan 2
Harry Potter Character Quiz
harry-fan 10
'The Great Gatsby' Picking Challenge
Pastor_Maldonado 8
Writers Described by Edgar Allan Poe
HappyWife 22
Terry Pratchett by any 3 Letters
thebail 13
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Logic Puzzle
trainstuff1011 92
Penguin Clothbound Classics
chrissyml 3
Mithgar Books
ajbravo 0
harry potter, the hunger games or divergent?
hi26 11
ASOIAF: The Queen across the Water
nabean 76
Letters in Names of Targaryen Kings
namesarehard 22
The Adventures of Tintin- characters
squirrelflight07 5
Missing Word: La Fontaine's Fables
Pilgab 13
Only Three Years Apart - NYT Best Seller List #3
joewicht 10
Only Three Years Apart - NYT Best Seller List #2
joewicht 9
Only Three Years Apart - NYT Best Seller List #1
joewicht 10
Top 5 most popular children's writers
daisyrowley 6
Harry Potter Surname Match
PompeyPlayUp 71
Harry Potter Murder Mystery Logic Puzzle
trainstuff1011 178
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix First Lines
S19J 37
Around Jules Verne in 20 illustrations
Garffon 7
Harry Potter Mystery Passage 4
LadyLiberty 47
Follow That Line: Crown of Midnight
helloprinceling 10
Author's Gender: 'B' Books
Flick 55
Harry Potter Logic Quiz
Johan1111 29
Blackfyre Rebellion Venn Diagram
stevenmiller61 43
Who is Bagman talking to?
ceciliacarlid 38
Wars of Westeros Venn Diagram
stevenmiller61 80
KOTLC #6 Multiple choice
JennyAnyDots 1
'J' Poem Starters (Quick Pick)
Flick 38
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
bellaledrid 218
Follow That Line: Throne of Glass
helloprinceling 10
The Lost Hero Chapter Titles
GriwttPlayz 6
Missing Books UA - UZ
Flick 44
Which Author...
MoMosMoProblems 71
Harry Potter Constellation match up
millibabe16 51
Harry Potter Constellations
millibabe16 51
Authors of Most Famous Sonnets
arelom 8
ASOIAF: House Arryn
nabean 59
Shakespeare: True or False?
Fantasy_Land 9
KOTLC Gnome Dwarf or Ogre
JennyAnyDots 2
KOTLC Families
JennyAnyDots 3
Complete the title of the books with 'Magic' in it
treessimontrees 81
Name the West End theatre (Oct 2018)
OLTQuiz 236
Kingsguard Venn Diagram
stevenmiller61 59
Middle Earth Logic Puzzle
bglyon 28
ASOIAF: Fleets
RioMadeira 15
Harry Potter A-Z Logic Puzzle
trainstuff1011 530

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