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Sustantivo-Adjetivo Concordancia
anabyrne 1
Countries in Portuguese
Pilgab 32
1st Conj verbs perfect system passive (fem) II
rrosenthal 0
Practice 1st Conj verbs perfect system passive (fem)
rrosenthal 0
250 Spanish words related to food
cajohare 5
English Words for Snow
chair 8
Quick Pick: Easy German vocabulary match L
esmeyny 15
Missing letter: Inadvertent Latin
esmeyny 14
Wordsmithy (20)
nabean 10
A6 Romanian Verbs PRESENT - citi (to read)
digestives 1
A5 Romanian Verbs PRESENT - scrie (to write)
digestives 1
Reforming Compound Words 7
seanpat0 33
4-Letter Spanish Nouns
Pushcake 15
Two-Minute Crossword IV
Qaqaq 171
Five Letter Words Ending in OST
Flick 54
French maths - 1-30
me6363 5
Practice 1st Conjugation verbs in the passive present
rrosenthal 6
European Day of languages
EDay26 13
Quick Pick: 'Molybdenum' in 12 Languages
hamradiojames 19
Unit I Latin Expressions - Latin Practice
jmacquarrie 1
Unit I Parts of Speech Practice - Noun, Verb, Adjective
jmacquarrie 3
Stage 11 Sentence Translation
jmacquarrie 0
Practice 1st conjugation verbs passive present system
rrosenthal 5
Conjugate attack in the future perfect passive )
rrosenthal 0
Conjugate attack in the pluperfect passive
rrosenthal 0
Could Begin with 'O'
Tootsnsuch 48
Conjugate attack in the perfect passive
rrosenthal 1
Conjugate attack in the passive perfect system
rrosenthal 3
Who is it named for?
biggs364 36
Conjugate attack in future passive
rrosenthal 1
Fransk 6 - adverber
Mig_Jens 1
Stage 11 Adjectives and Adverbs
jmacquarrie 3
Stage 6 Verbs Principle Parts
jmacquarrie 7
Stage 6 Verb English Meaning
jmacquarrie 29
Alphabetics 17
seanpat0 37
arirodriguezsort 28
Word Nerd: 'LL' Words
shirleyalpha 45
Le Cancre
andrea343 158
Quick Pick: Easy German vocabulary match K
esmeyny 18
Words in 'Syria'
pecheneg 23
Picture Click: Japanese Family (Kanji)
gravity_warrior 12
Subordinating Conjunctions
CBeam24 56
Verbes irréguliers au présent (2)
andrea343 5
Que font les jeunes en dehors d’école?
andrea343 55
Language in Languages
pleasebecool 19
Conjugate attack in imperfect passive
rrosenthal 3
Conjugate attack in passive present system
rrosenthal 15
Conjugate attack in the present passive
rrosenthal 3
Prepositional phrases
hannesbjorndal 5
15 Seconds: Questions
Flick 59

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