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18th Century Vocab W-Z (Copy)
atia 6
18th Century Vocab S-W (Copy)
atia 5
One-Minute Crossword XVIII
Qaqaq 98
18th Century Vocab R-S (Copy)
atia 5
18th Century Vocab P-R (Copy)
atia 4
18th Century Vocab N-P (Copy)
atia 3
18th Century Vocab L-N (Copy)
atia 2
18th Century Vocab H-L (Copy)
atia 2
18th Century Vocab D-H (Copy)
atia 3
18th Century Vocab C-D (Copy)
atia 2
18th Century Vocab B-C (Copy)
atia 2
18th Century Vocab A-B (Copy)
atia 3
Words Starting with Bog
longboard 7
Guess These Words in Italian
abcdefghhgfedcba 5
Guess These Words in French
abcdefghhgfedcba 7
To have verb in French
wentus06 1
Four Letter Words II
mattswh 4
Con- Adjectives
kfastic 8
4 Letter 'D' Words (Easy)
Flick 8
Guess These Words in Hungarian
abcdefghhgfedcba 0
Click the words that have the [Ʌ] pronunciation (IPA)
peterpr 0
Prepositions by First Letter Blitz
El_Dandy 6
Homonym Names
bobinwilder1 3
Alphabetical 11 Letter Words- S-T
cwfuturewrestler 7
You're a Star in any Language
shirleyalpha 7
Words Starting with Dul
longboard 1
Katina69 0
SraTobias 0
Los Verbos ER
vlasicma 1
Odd One Out: Latin Expressions
jyrops 0
¿Qué hora es?
Tburtnett 0
Not-So-Famous Nicknames
geniusi 0
_ _ _ _ P (A-Z) Blitz
Flick 0
'CU' Vocabulary (Insane)
beforever 0
Pair a' Paras
JetWolfDoyle 21
Phrases From Shakespeare
AdamTwosleeves 0
Four Letter Words
mattswh 2
Words Starting with Gui
longboard 1
Hobo Slang
gingerlover 0
Words of the Spanish Alphabet Spanish to English
elbastonmagico 0
Words Starting with Gue
longboard 0
Starts with Slo
teggers 0
Starts with Kos
teggers 0
'CU' Vocabulary (Hard)
beforever 0
Quick Pick: Sporcle Quizzes en Français
morley518 2
Quick Pick: Spanish-Speaking American Countries
morley518 2
Write Out the Abbreviation
dvdllr 0
4-Letter 'ST' Words
geronimostilton 2
Rhymes with Rate
dburden 2
'CU' Vocabulary (Medium)
beforever 2