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Who Said It: Trump or Clinton?
meforpres 6
Presidents Nominated in Baltimore
seanpat0 9
Who said it? Memorable Quotes in History
dancinginhistory 8
Parliament Square (UK) Statues
Flick 11
Motherships [Picture Click]
alvir28 24
Indonesia's Presidential History
Sinkadorable1996 1
Click the Oldest (Multi Choice)
samc67 127
Names of Dictators
Msnoname24 5
Black People Who Changed the US
DesertSpartan 48
World's Most Powerful Militaries 2018
owenriley 14
Governor of which State?
montyman 5
Worldwide Wonders: Great Pyramids
mg10 29
U.S. Presidential Election Winners and Losers
gomariners_ 4
Tallest Buildings in London's History
littlequill 7
German Sports Cars of 2000s
alvir28 22
Hand-Drawn History VIII
ddavey1983 30
Creació d'empreses
vilamitmarsa 11
Presidents Nominated in Philadelphia
seanpat0 3
Jeep Cars - [Picture Click]
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Who Owns That North American City in 1899
eugeniedaae86 3
Quick Pick: Cause of Death - Deaths in battle
knightlancer 5
FCC Chairmen
geronimostilton 2
Le Début de la migration des loyalistes
Nesrook 3
Presidents Nominated in Chicago
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Who'd They Vote For?: 2012 and 2016
BoggelTeam 3
Follow that line: Famous Speeches
biggs364 8
AQA Cold War Timeline
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Quiz with a twist
heneghanconor 440
Amendments U.S. Constitution
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German Sports Cars of 1990s
alvir28 2
Bullseye Blitz: History!
bhenderson79 19
Who Owns That North American City in 1845
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Who Owns That North American City in 1783
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Top Counties for 2016 Presidential Candidates
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Clickable: Presidents Without Middle Names
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Clickable: Presidents Known By Middle Names
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Clickable: Presidents With Multiple Degrees
MortyJSocks 1
Clickable: Presidents Without Degrees
MortyJSocks 1
Matching: Presidents By Undergraduate Alma Mater
MortyJSocks 2
German Sports Cars of 1980s
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AP Euro Unit 2.1
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7-to-1 World War II
Cutthroat 16
Who Owns That European City in 1993 (read How to Play)
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WW2 Quiz gda
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Who Owns That European City in 1950 (read How to Play)
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Quick Pick: Famous Europeans U
Flick 2
Prime Ministers in cabinet roles
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the 15 powers of the legislative branch
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That year in Britain- 2002
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