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Historical Events by Painting II
Oldtippecanoe9 5
Myths and misconceptions about historical figures.
Aaron_Kashtan 6
Sliced Up: World Leaders
Barbecue 28
Famous People Born November 24th
tylerkermit 5
Famous People Born November 23rd
tylerkermit 5
Famous People Born November 22nd
tylerkermit 4
Parties in Power: Ghana
bigbrother2017 1
Flag and Year Matchup II
benmarcoux69 46
Reigns of English Monarchs
dancemomsflexibi 5
Federal Government Wilmes I
SvenTrogh 0
Profile: Booker T. Washington
In the Year XYXY
spanachan 68
Criteria D-Day Beaches
GeoEarthling 59
Pick 3 Battles in Each War
shirleyalpha 168
Quick Pick: Number of Years
jackaronson23 39
Brewery by Year Founded
kjeverhart 11
Year by Country, Birth, and Death
BookishGirl98 31
History Subcategories Without Year
QuizesForMe 94
UK Pub Quiz: Our Hefty History
beesley__ 47
Old to New Flag Matching
aaditya08-08-05 244
Odd One Out: 1920s
Scimitar_2002 74
12 Months 6th Born (History)
Flick 40
Smithsonian Timeline
MoMosMoProblems 29
People on Pounds
bigbrother2017 5
History Middle D
Flick 69
Governors of the 1960's
SeanMc123 6
Year of June 7 Events
theobashau 16
Famous French Historical Figures in Movies
mucciniale 164
21st-Century Lines of Succession
ProudHufflepuff7 8
Significant Censuses
mister_pianoman 33
Richard Nixon, This Is Your Life
WalshyMusic 27
Flag and Year Matchup
benmarcoux69 41
US Presidents: October Surprises
Thebiguglyalien 59
Famous in 2013
Quizmaster91 27
12 Months 5th Born (History)
Flick 55
Infamous American Serial Killer
smragsdale 14
Independence Years
Eobo 23
Parties in Power: Ethiopia
bigbrother2017 1
Common Factor Between People
661522 4
2000 in Every Category
Doctor_Arzt 43
Which Decade? I
Sean_Playz924 12
25 Facts About Benjamin Franklin
El_Dandy 38
Grid Year Ladder: Disease and Disaster!
GeoEarthling 88
Famous in 1919
Quizmaster91 32
Potsdam Conference Picure Click
scole9179 140
Short Lived States
alvir28 41
Theresa's Travels
bigbrother2017 8
Prime Ministers of Slovakia
adalok 3
Famous People Born November 21st
tylerkermit 10
Famous People Born November 20th
tylerkermit 6

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