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President's first name starts with a vowel
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American Express Knowledge Vault
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The collapse of democracy in Germany (1928-33)
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Who donated me? National Museum of China Picture Click
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States Carried By 1992 Candidates
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State, Treasury or Defense?
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Art History 150 Quiz
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3 Named Historical Figures III
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Cinco de Mayo by Year
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Kennedy Assassination: Progressively Harder
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Match the Years to American Participation in Wars
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Irish Historical Figures
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Can You Match Famous Native Americans and their tribes?
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Antebellum reformers
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Progressive Reformers
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Can you name the Russian Monarchs (862-1917)
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'You Predicted What? WOW!'
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Thurrgood Marshall
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Greatest European Figures Of The 19th Century
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10 to 1: Outstanding women
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Match Presidential Approval Rating
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Famous VTOL Jets [Picture Click]
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Match the political party
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The Fall of the USSR
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260s (BC) Missing Word
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States Carried By 1988 Candidates
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Fourth Amendment Cases
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On This Day: April 27 Fill-in-the-Blank
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WWI Battles by Year
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AP Art History 250
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Did the President Leave Voluntarily?
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World War II: US Pacific Theater Timeline
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The Control of the Soviet People
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Let's Conquer the World Together!
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The Politics of the Soviet Union
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On This Day: April 26 Fill-in-the-Blank
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APUSH Uprising, Rebellions, and Protests
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Presidents Divisible by four
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Decide the Decade: 15 Categories
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Click More Nobel Peace Prize Laureates
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MPs standing down at 2017 election (UK)
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Famous Transport Aircraft [Picture Click]
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Famous X-Planes [Picture Click]
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Quick Pick: Famous South Africans
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States Carried By 1984 Candidates
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'E' World History
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Presidents birth place and place of death
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Do you know famous wars?
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Spanish Historical Portraits by Clue
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Egyptian Historical Portraits by Clue
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