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Name all states that have a C in there name
Lakes of the States
na933950 7
Canadian Provinces and Territories Minefield
Joshie_the_great 22
Capes of the States
na933950 5
That Welsh Village with a long name
SuperSeagull01 1
FBS Schools in Capitals
Pike1914 23
UK cities with undergrounds (subways)?
gordonallan79677 13
Build Europe Contiguously
mikenew 67
United States without Iowa
seanpat0 13
Fact or Fiction Ring: Nordic Countries
mg10 42
Largest City on the Border
Kookoo27 22
Shortest Country (EU) A-Z Blitz
Flick 46
European 'W, Y & Z' Cities by Lonely Planet Image
LabinotHarbuzi 54
Chicago: City or Neighborhood
mikenew 23
Regions of Slovenia
alvir28 23
Clickable US Cities: Recently reached 100k
Robzle 37
Countries with 'LOVE'
alvir28 45
British Ethnic Groups by Countries of Birth
tidal93341 67
Largest cities of the world starting with 'A'
klausvancraen 58
Decode Asia
NO_r_WAY 56
Masculine Places
longboard 13
Largest Indonesian Islands
Jack_0818 11
Sovereign States in 1800
ClipsFan7901 17
Largest Canadian Islands
Jack_0818 10
Countries of the Forbes Global 2000
timschurz 29
Alphabetical Countries with No Skipping
kerowynn 11
Canada's provinces and usa and mexico's states
CherryBomb365 9
Largest Tomato Producers
Sports987 18
Lowest Country Capitals
Sports987 5
11 Letter+ Nations
705397 5
Highest Country Capitals
Sports987 5
Quick Pick: Balearic Islands
geronimostilton 14
Middle East Quiz
ezztaha123 2
Quick Pick: Cities of Kazakhstan
QuantumRise 2
Where are these English Towns and Cities
quiztionaaire 8
Clickable US Cities by population (90k-100k)
Robzle 4
Largest Wheat Producers
Sports987 10
Around the Perimeter of Namibia
mg10 11
From Novi Sad to Nagoya
mg10 10
Most Populous Spanish Cities by Any 3 Letters
ivan9193 23
How well do you know the world?
ColumbusDirect 12
Chickens by Continent
timschurz 3
Clickable Capital Antipodes
karenmcginty33 6
United States Key Terms
Mitchell14 95
30 Most Populous Urban Areas of the United Kingdom
iliketrains777 10
Erase the World by Capital (Few Borders, No Skips)
goc3 178
Blind Secret Country XLVII
goc3 45
Secret Country LXXIV
goc3 36
Cities on I-880 (California)
canadasmoustache 2
Name the US City by Street Layout
goralt123 7