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Afghanistan Flag Colors
mynameisowen13 9
Quick Pick: Slovenia Flag Colors
mynameisowen13 10
Quick Pick: Australia Flag Colors
mynameisowen13 12
Multiple Choice: Africa
mg10 14
Russia Federal Subjects (Map)
LekgoloSlayer 3
Countries with a Dictator
14aarram 27
Volga Republics Cities above 100k
jmazzawi5 3
All Cities in San Marino
mamapapagirl312 5
Erase Asia by Capital (No Outlines or Skips)
goc3 433
Erase Brazil
goc3 37
Erase Oceania by Any 2 Letters
goc3 95
💮 Largest R city by country
xyz_ 53
Find the Countries of Africa by Largest City
Andre9741 36
🐡 Click Cities in 'B' Countries
xyz_ 41
Typing challenge: Hungarian Cities
Pilgab 16
Separated Countries in Africa
shirleyalpha 39
Geography Starting with Che
teggers 26
Trading partners of Barbados
pecheneg 29
Major rivers in China
Hurricane Maria 2017 Affected Countries
sathyamc 7
Central America and the Caribbean
jtprice01 9
Mountain Ranges of China
Cities of China on Map
3 train nyc
subways 1
300 'S' Cities in Africa
hminion 10
300 'R' Cities in Africa
hminion 7
14 Highest Mountain Peaks
Anything but Arkansas
caseyw690 20
The Counties of New Hampshire
seanpat0 1
Bahamas or Florida Keys?
Tootsnsuch 5
Anything But Arizona
caseyw690 15
Roman Bridges in Pieces
Tootsnsuch 1
Closest Capitals VI
phil_quiz 10
I 83 Maryland Exits
codhollandaise 3
Which Country's 'Y' or 'Z' Subdivision?
timmylemoine1 17
North American Countries by Internet Code
PrincessMartell 16
Kuwait islands
yousif_alkandri 2
US states by capital
na933950 12
Autonomous Regions of China
Direct Controlled Municipalities in China
Brazilian States
RamRaider3546 3
6-Letter Geography Blitz
nspyred 27
Quick Pick: North or South of Rabat
morley518 3
Russia Cities II
LekgoloSlayer 0
Russia Cities
LekgoloSlayer 3
West African cities above 100k
jmazzawi5 5
🐡 Click Cities in 'A' Countries
xyz_ 9
Find the Star II
joeydeka 3
Guess U.S. City Based on Google Street View
engelz 10
The 3rd thing you need to know: Japan
MrWhiplash 12