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Mozambique's Bordering Countries
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4-Letter Countries
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US Metros by Commuter Train
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Can You Name The 10 Biggest Cities In The World?
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Paris: Left Bank or Right Bank
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12 to 1 Languages
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'Friends' 50 U.S. State Challenge
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Name the cities these rivers flow through
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10 to 1: Countries
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Europe: Eight-and Nine-country Borders
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Pixel Art - NA, SA, or Oc. Flag #12
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World by Any 2 Letters Blitz (no A, E, I, or O)
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'El' Geography Challenge
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Top Four-letter Cities by African Country
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The United Arab Republic Quiz
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Texas (Multiple Choice)
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Find the 'P' Tube Stations
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Draw the Great Lakes Borders
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Capital cities
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The counties that contain the letter 'I'
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Cities that start with 'Ap...'
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Largest lakes in U.S.
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Trading partners of Montserrat
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50 Tallest Building Cities
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Countries of the Timurid Empire
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Smallest Bordering Country (Clickable Minefield)
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Every airline flying from London Gatwick Airport
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Secret Country Slideshow 2
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10 Most Populous Capital Cities per Continent
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Secret Country Slideshow
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Most and least liberal countries (2017)
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Helsinki quiz (multiple choice)
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Name all the continents (Deluxe)
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Name the countries that have a freedom score under 20
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States with most electoral votes
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Cities that start with 'Ao...'
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10 to 1: City of Rome
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Quick Pick: 1 Euro Coins
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Cartoon Quiz
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Istanbul districts (pic click)
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Build a Mosaic of the Netherlands
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Cities that start with 'An...'
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Countries Anagram Word Pairs
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Trading partners of Malaysia
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State Profile: Nevada
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United State Territories by Biggest City
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Sao Tome and/or Principe
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Largest South America Cities (Metro Area)
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8 to 0 US State Borders
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Largest Cities of the World
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