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English Places V
marquisofsham 8
U.A.P. City Map
Sal_Amander 3
Provinces of Burkina Faso
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'USA' in the US
mynameisowen13 27
Fragile States Index (2016)
jcgarrett 22
Districts of Oslo
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South American Currency Multiple Choice
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Asian Currency Multiple Choice
NO_r_WAY 36
See It in The Netherlands!
Caltac 32
European Currency Multiple Choice
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Click a Map: Sussex County (NJ)
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English Places IV
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Which US city is larger by population?
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Comeback Countries!
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Guess the Non-Capital city by given hints_04
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Name the Ohio City on the Map
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Trading partners of Macau
pecheneg 23
African Countries without Elephants and Lions Minefield
evanmurph 22
Closest cities to Schleswig-Holstein
Vektorius 11
African Country by National Parks
evanmurph 13
10-Letter Countries Alphabetically
teggers 2
10-Letter Countries by Area
teggers 1
10-Letter Countries by Population
teggers 5
US States No Map
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English Places III
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English Places II
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English Places I
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State Profile: South Carolina
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Official Regions of Countries
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'A' in South America
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Mozambique's Bordering Countries
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4-Letter Countries
alexanderdreger 8
US Metros by Commuter Train
MrSaturn64 15
Can You Name The 10 Biggest Cities In The World?
bjoanisse 4
Paris: Left Bank or Right Bank
Tootsnsuch 2
12 to 1 Languages
ceciliacarlid 33
'Friends' 50 U.S. State Challenge
JG3588 6
Name the cities these rivers flow through
JOEdotie 638
10 to 1: Countries
royalpink 26
Europe: Eight-and Nine-country Borders
goc3 11
Pixel Art - NA, SA, or Oc. Flag #12
goc3 6
World by Any 2 Letters Blitz (no A, E, I, or O)
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'El' Geography Challenge
timmylemoine1 15
Top Four-letter Cities by African Country
viator_mundi 6
The United Arab Republic Quiz
RobertG26 3
Texas (Multiple Choice)
DesertSpartan 2
Find the 'P' Tube Stations
Cryptus 7
Draw the Great Lakes Borders
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Capital cities
aloughnane9 6,877
The counties that contain the letter 'I'
JOEdotie 12,114