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'M' places, in which Dutch province?
JeroAdmi 3
Cities in Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Russia
Kusok_Kolbasi 2
Population Rounding Challenge! (Flag Edition)
caseyw690 5
Cities in Kalmykia Republic, Russia
Kusok_Kolbasi 2
Largest sub-divisions of world's largest countries
aaditya08-08-05 9
Anything but Ashgabat
ceciliacarlid 15
Emirates Consonants
Flick 19
Five Most Populous Asian 'J' Cities
MrWhiplash 55
Busiest Airports in France
Nandai 19
African Civilizations Geography
barrettek97 31
Dutch Cities
LekgoloSlayer 11
States with Portillo's - Map
whssox 21
Oldest Towns in Connecticut
ForzaMilanALC 12
Countries on the UTC-01:00-UTC-04:00
yousif_alkandri 8
Flag Match: Green Stripe (2)
jyrops 28
English City Anagrams 2
Cowh23 7
Small countries, big mountains
Iwand_Norway1995 18
Indiana communities
VanOsdol 3
African 'D' Cities
Robzle 58
Coimbra District Municipalities (Portugal)
Multiple Choice Flags of the World
Cutthroat 43
Braga District Municipalities (Portugal)
N starting countries
ukidwe 21
M starting countries
ukidwe 19
Lisbon District Municipalities (Portugal)
Aveiro District Municipalities (Portugal)
Porto District Municipalities (Portugal)
Make the World - Minefield
caseyw690 97
Four Colour Map Theorem: Europe
Ricciardo 45
Wheel of Fortune: Countries of Europe
Michael10177 26
Cities A-Z With Hints
SoSoSoSoSo 28
Cities in Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Russia
Kusok_Kolbasi 6
25 most populous cities in New Hampshire
Robzle 25
10 most populous cities in Nevada
Robzle 34
Capitals: Closest Different Country
Danaceo_G 9
'L' places, in which Dutch province?
JeroAdmi 8
25 most populous cities in Maine
Robzle 37
Immigration to Italy
tidal93341 43
Find 7 Cities: Benelux
Tasi 126
100 Largest New Zealand Towns
6sfraser 16
African 'C' Cities
Robzle 55
Cities in Ingushetia Republic, Russia
Kusok_Kolbasi 5
Cities in Dagestan Republic, Russia
Kusok_Kolbasi 6
Immigration to Cyprus
tidal93341 34
Wheel of Fortune: Countries of North America
Michael10177 30
United States 'M' Geography
petenge 111
Kansas City International Airport Destinations
KU_Cade_32 26
top 25 largest us states
kendallp19 0
Heads of Government - Western Hemisphere
jakem7796 2
Largest US Cities (301-600)
tylerkermit 24

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