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April Fools! Or not?
1009856 10
Quick Pick: Things That Are Yellow
ylime102 76
Get The Picture: Which Famous Fictional Vigilante...
cml103020 19
Sudoku IV
Jonny162 6
12x12 Tatami Puzzle VII
Slinenfest 53
Word Ladder: Song by Dua Lipa
shirleyalpha 28
2x2 Crossword-We Stick Together
_HybridGriffon_ 35
Double Trees Logic Puzzle 62
Katie_Wandering 232
3x3 Quiz--Words of Wisdom
_HybridGriffon_ 23
Can you type what 30 times in 45 seconds
Bob999 12
Crooked Sudoku
AuroraIllumina 18
Quick Pick: Naughty Magazines!
MSUKent 80
Get the Picture: Jerry Seinfeld or George Carlin
MSUKent 45
Common Bond Tangram Puzzle #3
ylime102 106
South India Typing Challenge
rajachola 20
Missing Word: Pink Floyd Albums
aaditya08-08-05 140
Missing Word: AC/DC Albums
aaditya08-08-05 130
9x9 Antiknight Sudoku XXVI
Simonides 7
ABCD Logic Grid 82
dvsdab 53
Missing Word: Mulan
Perspektive 42
Sudoku Puzzle #3
Yankees2003 19
9x9 Antiknight Sudoku XXV
Simonides 10
Classic Sudoku X
Simonides 20
Can you type boom 30 times in 45 seconds?
Bob999 22
3x3 Quiz--Males
_HybridGriffon_ 62
Finish the name with a US State
NO_r_WAY 149
Can you type wow 30 times in 45 seconds?
Bob999 16
Back to the Future Typing Quiz
Thebiguglyalien 32
Where's the Sporcle Globes? (Sydney Opera House)
OOF223 213
Can you type bye 30 times in 45 seconds?
Bob999 21
For Hitomi From Foxy
FluffyFoxy 3
Cryptic Battles
Badger40 19
Sudoku 88
connieknonnie 28
Get the Picture: Steven Wright or Mitch Hedberg
MSUKent 46
Hard Sudoku Puzzle 17
karencarpenter 19
Get The Picture: Han Sulu
I-Am-Batman 126
Bridges (Small) - 58
jyrops 326
Quick Pick: I do not Fly
alvir28 38
Quick Pick: Ford 'E' Vehicles
MSUKent 60
Quick Pick: What is the old Location?
NO_r_WAY 80
Mini Marupeke Puzzle XXVIII
Slinenfest 125
Missing Word: Tangled
Perspektive 45
Really Bad or Good Corny Jokes
trimenes6 27
Can you type hi 20 times in 30 seconds
Bob999 35
Oliver O'brien
nathanmccurry1 9
Solve the Riddle IV
trimenes6 6
Crossword: You Gotta Be Kitten Me
SquidrisElba 139
Sudoku Puzzle #2
Yankees2003 84
Star Wars Aiport Departures Board
Crazybirdman 15
Common Bond Tangram Puzzle #2
ylime102 161

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