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TV Tough Guys
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All Bug Type Pokémon by Any 2 Letters
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The XX - Lips Lyrics
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WWE Names Word Ladder
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Top 300 Songs of the 80s
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1980's Awards-Modified Acronyms
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Classic TV Tough Guys
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The XX - Say Something Loving
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Number Scramble
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Metallica Song Naming
YattaSon 18
Rotten Tomatoes' Top 100 Mystery/Suspense Movies (2017)
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Scottish Football Divisional Champions
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Alle Rosenborgs motstandere i Champions League
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Name Every Team That Qualified in the 1938 FIFA WC
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'The Amazing Spider-Man' Start to Finish
Thebiguglyalien 10
Missing Word: Not-Quite Pulitzer Winners (2010s)
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Top 100 NBA Players (2017-18)
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Celebrity Shared Home State
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Name Every Team That Qualified in the 1934 FIFA WC
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Name My Favourite Anime Characters
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Demonic Sigils
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Cavernous Sinus
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European Capitals
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Solo Artists with the most Spotify Followers
Oncelvis 13
Medium Nurikabe Puzzle 133
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The XX - Sunset Lyrics
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Powerful Fictional Characters
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Guess My Bias
The XX - Fiction Lyrics
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Any MLB Team besides the Cubs
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UEFA Champions League All time - Most Assists
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All NBA First Team Players
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Locations, by state, of TV Westerns
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Little Mix - Stand Down Lyrics
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7 to 1 Sorting- Books of the Bible
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The XX - Infinity Lyrics
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On This Day: August 4th
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Out of the Blue
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Bumblebee Man En Español
Pushcake 15
UEFA Champions League All time - Red Cards
ahmadziyad1994 7
Rick and Morty Gotta Have That Szechuan Sauce
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European Cup Finalists from Germany
44md 19
Statham, Seagal, Stallone, or Schwarzenegger????
KAT324 16
Top Grossing Actors of the 21st Century
CFG1787 20
Most Popular United States County Names
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Pepsi Ingredients
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CEO's of IT companies
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The XX - Heart Skipped A Beat
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On This Day: August 3rd
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