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Former clubs of PL players
ElChiefMoore 124
Famous X-Planes [Picture Click]
alvir28 8
European Countries Logic Puzzle
ts1009 2
Quiz on Affordable Noise Isolating Headphones
michaelmalone 0
Marvel villains (Rogues Gallery)
Tuintje 4
Words end in lave
jeeson 0
Quick Pick: Famous South Africans
Flick 8
Eleven-letter TV Starters (A-Z)
Flick 11
Anyone But Tomas Rosicky
freakybeastie 2
Top 5-Letter Girls' Names
longboard 4
MLB Last 10 200-IP/100 ERA+ Seasons by Team
slacktivist 4
Path of Exile Unique Rings
nerdyman787 0
Hearthstone: Wins Against Emperor Cobra
vikZ 3
All Cities Challenge: Michiana CSA
Acntx 2
All Cities Challenge: Greater Fresno CSA
Acntx 5
States Carried By 1984 Candidates
SMFAussieRobbo 4
Top Universities in Ohio Map
tallonator 9
Popular Arkansas High School Nicknames
sathyamc 3
Big 4 Champions & Runner-Ups (2000s)
tmanzi09 10
Name these kpop idols
lavender_5123 37
Golden State Warriors Career Stat Leaders
littlejohncarver 16
Kendrick Lamar Lyrics I
noraghopkins 7
Big 4 Champions & Runner-Ups (2010s)
tmanzi09 8
Clone High Food Pyramid
vikZ 3
The Jam - In the City Lyrics
codhollandaise 2
Increasingly Gibberish Grab Bags
Tr4pD00r 11
NBA Chain Quiz
jcacocella27 8
Pictorial Choice: Exquisite Estonia
pecheneg 11
Trading partners of Malawi
pecheneg 11
Largest Cities Without a Pro Hockey Team by Decade
devinkeithley 28
MLB - 100+ wins Pitching Staffs by team (AL)
narb13 18
2005 Song Titles in Spanish
Tonillero 2
2004 Song Titles in Spanish
Tonillero 2
The Young Ones
nabean 6
Use of Colour
nabean 16
States Without Oil
mvs 21
4 Gaming Foursomes
sproutcm 17
Medium Nurikabe Puzzle 101
sproutcm 49
The Negan Quiz
Cooper_King_55 4
World Series Winning Managers on Non WS Winning Teams
big8dog88 10
Sauces on Saucewise
rpblocher 0
Largest Country (Multiple Choice)
evanmurph 7
Top 40 Hits of Every Artist With a #1 Hit (2017)
pcull1016 0
Missing Word: What's the Opening Lyric? 4
LisaSimpsonOH 7
Clickable Child Actors
spotoneout 20
Follow That Line: Pretty Little Liars Season 1
bbgirl7785 1
NC State Pros
paul_sp 0
Most Populous Countries by Quartet (Multiple Choice)
evanmurph 6
Indian* Loanword Typing Challenge
Capiz 1
Quick Pick: Hee Haw Cast Members
Propellerhead 0