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Guess the Kpop Main Singer, Rapper, and Dancer (Boys)
Kpop_fan6403 7
Heroes of Olympus Scrolling Typing Challenge
millibabe16 1
Metal Riffs (Clip Quiz)
pretzelbabe0x 1
AFL: South Melbourne/Sydney Swans award winners
B_Awesome_87 0
AFL: Essendon Bombers award winners
B_Awesome_87 0
Toy Story Quiz
suki22889 2
The Lego Batman Villains
ThePuzzleMaster 12
Power Rangers Zeo Characters (Season 4)
jasonpunke 2
300 Top Grossing Movies
emmym98 12
cities in Stanislaus County
sathyamc 2
Mighty Morhpin' Alien Rangers Characters (Season 3.5)
jasonpunke 3
Musicians 7-to-1
samc67 45
Clickable NZ Features (with hints)
samc67 24
NBA Missed Triple Double by one stat (2000s)
jsnellerwm 9
Shakespeare Quotes
hornedowl 6
New York Giants Stat Leaders (2015)
vaneverett 4
Darkwing Duck
NiccoleWest 0
AFL: Collingwood Magpies award winners
B_Awesome_87 0
New York Giants Stat Leaders (2016)
vaneverett 4
AFL: Carlton Blues award winners
B_Awesome_87 0
Big 10 Teams (Map)
max_metslover66 14
Percy Jackson Name Game
mom2m 1
Mighty Morhpin' Power Rangers Characters (Season 3)
jasonpunke 4
Kpop Logic! Guess all the groups with hints.
marianahaz 64
Missing Word: Anatomy Songs
FreeWorld85 5
Real-Life MLB Teams
emilymarie07 25
Missing Word: New Shows (2010-11)
qlh27 10
SI Units Undercover
nabean 2
1909 - 1913: William Howard Taft Administration
MasterKGlas 1
Dallas Cowboys Stat Leaders (2010)
vaneverett 3
2017 Philadelphia 76ers Retired Numbers
DatJustice 4
Missing Word: New Shows (2011-12)
qlh27 12
Missing Word: New Shows (2012-13)
qlh27 9
Trading partners of Seychelles
pecheneg 5
Celtic or Rangers
pecheneg 4
State that border Rhode Islands and Connecticut
sathyamc 4
10 to 1: Breakfast
senordingdong 20
MLB: Two League Cities
skipster73 12
Opening Credits! (M)
nabean 4
Monstercat Drumstep Songs
ConspiracyPanda 1
BAFTA Nominations 2013
moviemaniac14 1
Pick the Harry Potter First Name - M
sproutcm 23
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle 98
sproutcm 31
All Cities Challenge: Memphis, TN-MS-AR MSA
Acntx 2
TV by First Character
Thebiguglyalien 27
All Cities Challenge: Hampton Roads, VA-NC MSA
Acntx 2
Founding Fathers A to Z Slideshow
Hejman 7
swag level quiz
Vx_FinlayM 3
Let's Make Shakespeare Appear!
El_Dandy 10
Gary Cooper's Oscar nominations
Tenkmoves 1