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Let's draw the African borders
kfastic 0
Top XIs: Wolverhampton Wanderers (1990s)
culverhouse 1
Topsy-Turvy US States
jyrops 1
Top XIs: Leicester City (1990s)
culverhouse 1
Top XIs: Queens Park Rangers (1990s)
culverhouse 1
Battleship Solitaire # 77
jyrops 1
Factors of 30,000
cristof012 0
Opening Lyrics: Purple Rain
barnacle_bill 2
Storyboard - X-Men: Days of Future Past
g_norm 0
Lyrics to Aha cover by Pentatonix
quizmaniac101 0
Name the gaming protagonist
PhoenixBlade 1
20th Century: 40s or 50s?
kfastic 6
Lyrics to I Need Your Love cover by Pentatonix
quizmaniac101 1
Cities that start with 'Mo...'
xyz_ 8
Championship Play-Off Final Scorers Since 2000
Jamario 3
Doctor Who The Pandorica Opens
quizmaniac101 0
Every conference represented in the 2016 NFL Draft
pkplamb242 1
English First Division XIs 1988-89
culverhouse 1
English First Division XIs 1989-90
culverhouse 2
Foreign players at Tottenham Hotspur
culverhouse 3
Quick Pick: Game of Thrones Season 2
Doctor_Arzt 8
Top grossing slasher movies
cloveloved 2
Avacyn Restored cards
DenAlex 1
Guess The Exo Member's Voices
AintGotNoSeoul 18
Ghanaian Diaspora by Increase
tidal93341 2
'G' Rock Songs
kuriosatempel 13
'It's Gonna Be Me' Clicky-Oke
mhershfield 3
Global National Dishes: Oceania
KSQuizzer 1
Original Screenplay Oscar Directors
marsupialis 6
'F' Rock Songs
kuriosatempel 13
Progressively Harder Hamburger SV Players
alex_1356 2
Progressively Harder Borussia Mönchengladbach Players
alex_1356 1
Progressively Harder Borussia Dortmund Players
alex_1356 3
European Soccer Teams 'C'
Flick 22
'It's Gonna Be Me' Lyrics
mhershfield 3
Name the Youtuber
_n_a_c_h_o_s_ 2
'E' Rock Songs
kuriosatempel 12
Foreign players at Manchester United
culverhouse 9
Foreign players at Liverpool
culverhouse 5
Foreign players at Arsenal
culverhouse 7
Closest Countries to Kerguelen
rolftheoaf 7
Northernmost in the U.S.
davidallenjohnso 3
US Metro Areas top 300 (2015)
fcmoore27 8
Active Players With 15+ HR/SB - GG/SS In A Season
lukemaltais 7
Once Upon a Time Family Tree
CaptainDarkSwan 2
Follow That Line: Avengers: Age of Ultron
mattwebster088 5
Can you name all of the newer Pokemon?? - 2 -
mysterytwins 0
Name the kpop idols
endlessmachine 17
Click the band members: Simon and Garfunkel
NO_r_WAY 22
Can you name all of the newer Pokemon?? - 1 -
mysterytwins 2