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Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
World's Hardest Anime Quiz!
Paprikacat 2151.88
Stranger Things Logic Puzzle
MizBizSav 1664.56
The HARDEST Friends Trivia Quiz Ever
parselmouth22 1633.85
'Riverdale' Character Chain
BoggelTeam 1254.44
1980s TV Shows by Main Character
TriviaGuy3 1094.27
Stranger Things Season One Bunker
Scimitar_2002 1044.88
Long Running TV Show Minefield
sgeoghegan2002 974.50
'Riverdale' Season 3 Character Chain (Part 1)
BoggelTeam 954.43
'Riverdale' Season 2 Character Chain
BoggelTeam 924.25
HBO Shows Crossword
gazzso 654.72
SNL - The Office Characters (Picture Click)
Librarysquirrel 624.20
Game of Thrones Characters by Death (Season 7)
Doctor_Arzt 534.50
Game of Thrones: Robb Stark Start to Finish
Doctor_Arzt 524.20
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
mhershfield 444.49
Riverdale: Click the Episodes in Order
lolshortee 445.00
Criteria Characters: Riverdale
BoggelTeam 424.00
Only Gossip Girl Characters
ice4 415.00
Riverdale Bunker
BoggelTeam 414.29
Grey's Anatomy Name Chain
hogwartsnephilim 383.74
Riverdale: Guess Your Character
BoggelTeam 385.00
Game of Thrones: Roose Bolton Start to Finish
Doctor_Arzt 375.00
Riverdale Season 1 Start to Finish
winte001 363.00
LogiCrossword: The Simpsons
El_Dandy 354.86
Game of Thrones: The Sand Snakes Start to Finish
Doctor_Arzt 344.20
Gossip Girl Couples
amazingirl321 333.64
TV Shows Cut Off at 'S'
DIEGO1000 335.00
I Survived a Long Television Series.
seanpat0 324.40
Riverdale Characters in Most Episodes
BoggelTeam 325.00
Parks and Rec: Logic Puzzle
AG_Zissman 312.09
Iconic 80's car race
CGMFan1 315.00
'Riverdale' Season 3 Character Chain (Part 2)
BoggelTeam 304.00
Game of Thrones Logic Puzzle - Season 6 Spoilers!
olis1993 304.19
'Riverdale' Characters by Picture
BoggelTeam 304.60
Guess the Anime
im_not_kidding 294.57
Friends Logic Maze Extravaganza
DavidHoban 272.73
Riverdale Name Chain
55kitten55 274.00
Who said it?
elenawilsonxo 261.00
Criminal Minds Ultimate Chain Game
ChaseH9499 253.40
Doctor Who Logic Puzzle (New Who)
billpotts 243.50
Game of Thrones: Logic Puzzle 2
koko2349 244.00
100 Game of Thrones Characters
ianstewart96 243.62
Auctions on TV Shows
aduchscher 234.91
Finish the Brooklyn 99 Quote
cactusinmyheart 232.50
Australian Brand Quiz
AusAds 223.00
Desperate Housewives Logic Puzzle
madastelli 214.17
Game of Thrones: Tommen Baratheon Start to Finish
Doctor_Arzt 215.00
Game of Thrones 20 Questions I
AbeyJ 214.70
Friends TV Trivia Logic Puzzle
lamkini 203.89
Seven Deadly Sins
TrivSammy 202.67
Have they ever been to Winterfell?
TobinTWD 205.00

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