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NBA Hard Chain Quiz
lildiggad 4432.32
Can you name the top 20 most expensive defenders
SquawkaFootball 4043.00
Ballon d'Or winners and nominees since 1995
FourFourTwo_ 3604.50
Name every team in the PL & Football League
robertredmond 3373.00
The Ultimate NBA quiz
Lilmj 3361.50
Kennst du die Kapitäne der Champions-League-Teams?
OnefootballDE 3103.00
NBA 2017 NBA chain quiz for KOT4Q
a_E_h_A_r_R_y 2611.59
Pep Guardiola's Major Signings
TeamFA 2584.00
Name Every Liverpool Player To Have Played Under Klopp
FootballWhispers 2110.00
Formula One Race Winners (2000s)
giffenbone 1814.75
Top 100 NBA Players 2016-2017
bigboy06 1813.59
20 Players With Most Red Cards In EPL History
FootballWhispers 1645.00
Les Sénégalais du FC Metz
SoFoot 1500.00
Boxing quiz
FootieLive 1340.00
NHL 'Passport Rivalries'
mikenew 1084.55
NBA Chain Game 100 Questions
bigblue2713 723.17
boggo9898 631.76
NBA All-Time Scoring Leaders by Position
6phillyfan 594.43
MLB: What Color is my Name
skipster73 594.50
Every Team To Have Been Promoted To The Premier League
FootballWhispers 550.00
NBA Chain Quiz
DieHardBaller 551.59
Name Guardiola's top 20 most expensive signings?
SquawkaFootball 540.00
Top 15 selling NBA jerseys 2016-2017 season
mattkoppy12 522.27
NFL Playoff Teams 2016-2017
Donaldsons 524.00
Premier League Logic Puzzle
jxk263 513.54
Sports Bunker
Bolafssonify 503.32
NBA History Quiz
nyswish9303 492.35
100 highest Premier League transfers
FourFourTwo_ 445.00
Soccer: English Top-Flight Regulars Minefield
pitchorneirda 403.69
Guess the NBA player by the emoji
markopopovik 392.78
camkeehley13 382.75
NBA Chain Game
Natorade 371.80
Multiple Choice: Footballers's National XIs (A-Z)
timmylemoine1 364.52
Match The NBA Team With Each Emoji
AtlantaHawks 331.30
NBA chain game 2017
GangstaPenguin 332.00
MLB Top 10 in MVP Voting in 3 Decades
jmnyyankees10 314.75
90% of NBA diehard Fans will fail this for KOT4Q
samlovesfooty 311.36
Les Ivoiriens de Montpellier
SoFoot 290.00
Premier League own goals
SportsJOEdotie 292.00
Name these two players
robertredmond 291.25
NBA All-Star 2017 Logic Puzzle
dlh1231 293.68
Quick Pick: World Cup Final Scorers
chaosBEE 274.31
NBA Chain Quiz - For KOT4Q
Kyrie4MVP 271.67
Premier League nicknames
FootballWhispers 262.00
Millionaire: NBA Finals Edition
flibbidy 263.00
NBA Chain Game
sportfreak642 242.87
Premier League top scorers 2006/07
FourFourTwo_ 245.00
Premier League club's highest earners
SquawkaFootball 224.25
Tous les buteurs de Dijon en Ligue 1
SoFoot 210.00
Complete the Card: WWE Battleground 2017
LeicchaTiger2 214.29