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Premier League: last five managers by team
czb2388 6814.73
Name every Premier League club's record goalscorer
SquawkaFootball 2855.00
Wayne Rooney's goals
leeswettenham 2794.00
Big Four Athlete by Mural
hatefulmissy 2744.46
Premier League goalscorers 20+
SquawkaFootball 1944.30
Basketball Players Height
J_Boogie_ 1431.44
NBA: Largest Share of Franchise Points
andymayers 844.82
MLB - Last 5 HOF Infielders for each team
narb13 824.75
20 Highest Rated NBA 2K Players per Year (2k6-2k17)
Bluebricks 644.81
Top 10 winningest goalies in Flyers History
CSNPhilly 630.00
Name the most prolific away goal scorers in PL history
SquawkaFootball 633.86
Test Cricket Teams (Picture Click)
teedslaststand 604.71
2016 NBA Finals Box Score (Map)
dlh1231 570.00
FA Cup or League Cup?
christopherjulia 544.83
Soccer Surnames Picture Click
chaosBEE 524.63
Premier League: Top Five Top Scorers
manonthemoon 515.00
Heavyweight Basketball
pigeonboyz 495.00
WWE Draft 2016
haydengerik 491.66
Robbie Keane quiz
SportsJOEdotie 482.33
Criteria Clubs: European Soccer
mic747 413.31
2000s England Forwards
smac17 364.86
Wayne Rooney's Man United strike partners (PL only)
bigrichinnes 354.33
NBA 2015-16 Order Quiz
Lavalegendpro 343.58
Line-ups from Man City 0-1 Tottenham, May 2010
FourFourTwo_ 344.33
Premier League: Highest-scoring relegated players
AngrySi 334.91
Royal Rumble Winners by Photo
El_Dandy 324.50
Chicago Bulls MVP Votes
dabbas 314.75
NFL #1 Draft Picks (2000s)
minshkins 304.26
Boston Celtics MVP Votes
dabbas 294.92
WWE Name Match: Royal Rumble 80s & 90s
zman5150 290.00
Los Angeles Lakers MVP Votes
dabbas 274.83
MLB - Last 5 HOF Outfielders for each team
narb13 264.83
Played in the EPL for Arsenal and.....
roseman 244.83
NBA Draft Class Leaders (1995-2015)
jsnellerwm 234.95
Click the Soccer Logos
Noldeh 224.74
MLB Expansion Team Hall of Famers
brettinohio 224.75
Premier League goalscorers
SquawkaFootball 225.00
All-time Premier League assists
bigrichinnes 214.60
San Antonio Spurs MVP Votes
dabbas 214.70
Premier League top scorers by nationality
Poggington 214.91
Cleveland Cavaliers MVP Votes
dabbas 204.86
Premier League: 100 Winning Teams
manonthemoon 204.50
MLB - Last 5 HOF Pitchers for each team
narb13 204.92
Premier League scorers with 50 goals or more
SquawkaFootball 204.67
2015-2016 Opening Day Roster (Sacramento Kings)
djsbb413 194.27
WWE Royal Rumble Statistics
zurby 194.03
Super Bowl Chain Game (Clickable)
adamknapp14 193.62
Players with 100 Premier League goals
FourFourTwo_ 193.50
Soccer Players Venn Diagram
chaosBEE 184.61
Premier League Midfielder Trivia
mattyjj 182.00