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State Capitals with Big 4 Teams
hamradiojames 74.83
1995 Royal Rumble Deceased
cwfuturewrestler 44.00
Every team to win the European Super Cup
FourFourTwo_ 44.80
Soccer Passports II
tijswiefferink 35.00
Paint by Letter: Phoenix Suns
goc3 34.46
NBA 15 players, 2 teams, 1 season
jsnellerwm 20.00
Premier League 7th Placed Finishes
Oddschanger 25.00
Head to Head: NBA
MSUKent 24.86
NHL Leading Scorers for Playoff Winners 1968-Present
Arundaar 24.91
Soccer Passports I
tijswiefferink 25.00
Champion Countries (Team Sports)
timschurz 24.70
2017-18 AFL Player Movements
hjckr 25.00
New York Jets Quarterback Click
nspyred 24.64
Played for both Arsenal and Chelsea Premier League era
FootieLive 25.00
MLB All Star Starters 2010-2017
DJHardunkichunk 13.75
Minnesota Twins Stolen Base Leaders by Season
ryanrmorton 14.50
Every WWE Smackdown! Exclusive PPV Match Ever
rcockerham10 14.50
Deceased WWE Royal Rumble Competitors
cp420music 15.00
Premier League: Top Scorer by Nationality
manonthemoon 14.69
Find the LLWS Champions
mhershfield 14.39
Euro 2016 Nation by Fans (Slideshow)
manonthemoon 14.00
Top 10: Premier League Players per Position (Arsenal)
FGyasu 15.00
AFL: Port Adelaide Power award winners
B_Awesome_87 10.00
Famous NBA players in the NCAA Final Four
Dreamcast0102 14.40
Top 100 rated players on Madden 16
berreaua 15.00
US Olympic Basketball Leaders
MechaSnoopy 14.71
Top 10 Power Forwards (ESPN)
pdigoe 14.39
NFL - 5 Best Draft Picks
punderoo 14.80
Any Big 4 Team States & Provinces
teedslaststand 14.54
Major Bowl Teams of the 2010s
Jbuks 14.67
NFL Patriots Top 20 Passing Yardage Leaders
grays1705 14.80
Every opponent Wayne Rooney has scored against
SquawkaFootball 12.86
NBA Top 100 Fantasy Basketball Players 2015-16
anferneechancf 13.89
NBA Yearly Top 10 Scorers (1990's)
ec2tc3 14.80
MLB - Yearly Blue Jays HR Hitters.
cybershot 13.78
Derek Jeter's World Series teammates
PinstripeAlley 14.61
NFL Starting Quarterbacks (2017-2018)
alec_greenberg8 12.48
MLB 100 RBI's 1990's
JeterFan2 14.75
Who has played with Ronaldo and Messi?
VesRiddle 15.00
WWE PPV Opponents of Bray Wyatt
svenmetenstra94 14.22
Final Four for Consecutive Decades
DrCbus 14.88
Deceased WWE WrestleMania Competitors Memorial
MSiNX 14.54
NBA 2K14 10 Best Rated Players Per Team
alidarjarok 14.67
Which MLB Player Is It?
Tom007 14.36
EPL 100: Best Premier League Players 2013/14
Marshall89 12.60
Stanley Cup Champion Goalies
ObamaWhitesox 14.46
NBA All-Time Starting 5's
Rocky123 14.33
NBA 20 PPG Seasons Since 2000
ShakeyDeal 14.55
Chicago White Sox Starters (1980-2012)
ironsij0287 14.64
Toronto Blue Jays Starters (1980-2012)
ironsij0287 14.75

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