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Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Music Honeycomb II
Barbecue 664.40
Music Honeycomb III
Barbecue 523.95
Yunnitrs_ 280.00
Same Name as a Musician
BorezU 245.00
Kpop find the mafia *with NCT only (21 MEMBERS)*
alexmel30hordau 234.80
Name All 23 NCT Members (SPEED QUIZ)
mistevenso 194.84
Find the Band Member II
MSUKent 184.97
NCT 2020 Logic Puzzle
coretta 184.73
Find the Band Member III
MSUKent 154.96
Great Eight: Rappers
johncenafan612 154.71
David Bowie Bunker
Le_Badger 154.71
NCT logic quiz
AcceB 122.27
Find the Band Member IV
MSUKent 114.95
Absent Letter Country Music Artists
RobFitz 114.72
Find the Band Member V
MSUKent 104.96
Missing Word Crossword: Beatles Songs
BookishGirl98 104.72
NCT age in order
maaya 104.29
[speed quiz] ENHYPEN
seokhwa 95.00
Match the Band to the Lead Singer
jackfrog10 94.86
Find the Band Member VIII
MSUKent 94.95
Find the Band Member VI
MSUKent 94.91
Kpop Hair Salon Logic Puzzle
coretta 94.86
Songs About Bananas*
Bratista 94.67
Kpop Group Logic Crossword #32
hellyeah61313 85.00
Click on the ATEEZ members
EGBSNV7 85.00
Trivia Triangles: Signs That Rock
bhenderson79 84.93
Guess the BLACKPINK song from the english lyric
yangyangseyebrow 84.67
Kpop Concept Logic Puzzle
coretta 85.00
Taylor Swift Album By Song
SidharthSN 85.00
Guess the Rapper 2020
miathecreator 84.88
beksws 84.22
NCT Logic Puzzle January 2019 OT21
jihoon1122 83.92
BTS Songs by Any Word
hayan_nabi 84.89
Name All One Direction Songs
niallerlife 74.93
Star Wars References in Rap Lyrics
AlmightyBob 75.00
The Ultimate One Direction Quiz
NiallsGirl 71.50
click the superM member
jkjkjkj2222 70.00
click on the right SUPER M members
EGBSNV7 70.00
Find the Band Member VII
MSUKent 74.95
Numerical Kpop Groups (Crossword)
coretta 75.00
NCT typing challenge
creamyyoongi 74.57
Kpop Quiz: Stage name or Real name?
jooheon 62.59
Top 100 Classic Rock Songs
Baldy 64.20
Lyric Trios: Disney & Pixar Songs 2
LisaSimpsonOH 64.55
1980s Songs by 5 Words II
BorezU 64.73
Absent Letter Elvis Songs
RobFitz 64.94
BTS crossword
iliveoffmemes 64.79
Song Lyrics 7-to-1 II
Arnott 64.86
One Direction and Solo Songs (OT5)
mushymisha 64.80
ENHYPEN Crossword
Beyz 55.00

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