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Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Eleven Word Hints for Eleven Letter Films
DarkPhalanx 7014.71
Nine Word Hints for Nine Letter Films
DarkPhalanx 6294.79
Two Word Hints for Two Letter* Films
DarkPhalanx 5764.53
Ten Word Hints for Ten Letter Films
DarkPhalanx 5584.85
Movie Cast Match (1978) (Clickable)
MasterKGlas 2054.92
Massive Marvel Movie Minefield
rulesy 1544.89
Every Oscar-Nominated Movie Starring Robin Williams
Emberton_Tower 1314.40
Movie Pattern Misfit II
strokes_static 1084.76
Movie Cast Match (1979) (Clickable)
MasterKGlas 924.77
Film by Tragic Ending
phoebealmighty 774.64
Avengers: Endgame Logic Puzzle
rulesy 713.27
Presidential Horror Candidates
CGMFan1 685.00
Movie by Urban Legend
DarkPhalanx 605.00
MCU Movie Screen Times
PTAC 534.88
MCU Criteria: Avengers
Scimitar_2002 493.53
50 Flicks To Click (1965)
caramba 465.00
100 Poster Portions
Sheldon 444.86
Best Picture Nominated Sports Movies
Jareeve 425.00
A Simple Yes or No Will Do: Movie Edition
MSUKent 414.65
Highest Grossing High School Comedies
Aaron34Heron 404.71
2010s Movies A-Z IV
ghcgh 404.74
LogiCrossword: Seven Dwarfs
El_Dandy 394.66
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Crossword
Emz90 385.00
50 Flicks To Click (1964)
caramba 354.93
MCU Click Map Trivia (Spoilers)
sporcle2273 342.46
Marvel Movies: Who Wants to be a Millionaire? HARD
lchm10 332.44
2010s Movies A-Z V
ghcgh 334.79
Disney Movies
michaelsempai 324.83
100 Poster Portions II
Sheldon 314.75
Can you put the Marvel movies in chronological order?
Buzzz 301.09
50 Flicks To Click (1963)
caramba 284.92
Quick Pick: Sharon Tate Films
scole9179 285.00
Film by Controversy
phoebealmighty 274.00
5 in 15: MCU Avengers Characters
Doctor_Arzt 274.93
Avengers Infinity War Logic Puzzle
farmerkim 271.90
Artoo and Threepio: Which Film?
biggs364 265.00
MCU Character Relationships
Doctor_Arzt 264.55
MCU Teaser Posters Minefield Blitz
johnnytaken 263.61
Put the Marvel Movies (MCU) in Order, Oldest- Newest
benneider 263.76
50 Flicks To Click (1960)
caramba 254.91
Best Picture Nominated Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies
Jareeve 253.67
50 Flicks To Click (1961)
caramba 244.64
50 Flicks To Click (1962)
caramba 244.69
5 to 1: MCU Characters
mg10 244.67
15 Seconds of Fame: Keanu Reeves
Doctor_Arzt 234.89
'Avengers: Endgame' Logic Puzzle
Scimitar_2002 234.16
Highest Grossing Supernatural Horror Movies
Aaron34Heron 225.00
MCU Behind The Scenes
I-Am-Batman 224.97
Marvel logic
anything-mcu 222.88
The Lion King Zoo
Rackie 224.82

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