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Harry Potter Chain: Chamber of Secrets
lolshortee 4,9364.75
Harry Potter Chain: Sorcerer's Stone
lolshortee 5694.75
Avada Kedavra Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 4624.16
Dumbledore's Army Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 3193.88
Game of Thrones Logic Puzzle Main Characters
Khaleeesiii 2621.29
Difficult Harry Potter Logic Mega-Puzzle
jamikahn 1794.00
Who Wrote That 'B' Book?
El_Dandy 1754.89
Hogwarts Students Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 1593.99
10 to 1: Hogwarts
windog91589 1375.00
Sets of Four: Harry Potter
edorgan 1004.17
50 M Books
rsdickinson 915.00
Who Wrote That 'R' Book?
El_Dandy 854.86
Harry Potter First and Last Spells
JennyAnyDots 804.86
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Leviosa 723.20
Harry Potter Resorted Logic Puzzle
Henry820 713.53
Harry Potter Muggle Borns
Benjid 693.24
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Geronimo11 674.11
Who Wrote That 'A' Book?
El_Dandy 654.95
Weasley Family Reunion: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 634.05
A Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
THEJMAN 603.84
Biography Books for Children: The Subtitles
MoMosMoProblems 595.00
A Song of Ice and Fire Logic Puzzle
Qqoobbllss 554.21
Heinlein, Herbert or Hubbard
pdigoe 534.93
Harry Potter Characters by First Line
minshkins 524.64
Who Wrote That 'C' Book?
El_Dandy 494.94
⚡ Harry Potter Characters by first line
rockgolf 484.00
📗 10-1: Poetry Quiz❤️
KidgiB 484.25
Harry Potter Horcrux Logic Puzzle
A_O_D 473.94
Horcrux Hunt: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 454.73
Harry Potter Deaths by Book
awesomeness365 454.57
Harry Potter Logic Maze
DavidHoban 433.68
Sirius Black vs Dementors: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 423.66
Harry Potter Character Mentions Per Book
LTH 414.64
Life or Death in Book Titles
JoeBeta 415.00
Click the Dead Men
jdfulp 404.38
Day, Night, Sun or Moon Book Titles
JoeBeta 404.95
Sex in Book Titles
JoeBeta 384.78
Authors by Birthplace
awesomeness365 384.89
Dobby's Dilemma: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 374.73
Potter Puzzle (HP logic puzzle)
FantasticBowTies 373.52
Shakespeare by Emoji
chaosBEE 374.68
Who Wrote That 'P' or 'Q' Book?
El_Dandy 364.89
Harry Potter 7-to-1
samc67 354.64
Who Wrote That 'L' Book?
El_Dandy 355.00
Who Wrote That 'D' Book?
El_Dandy 355.00
Authors by Fantasy Books
awesomeness365 354.67
Baby-sitters Club book narrators
redhed311 340.00
Find Five: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lit
eyes355 344.62
Mortal Instruments Logic Quiz
Polly45pink 342.33
Logic Puzzle: Harry Potter
rawr_saidaslan 341.86