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Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Missing Word Crossword: Harry Potter Characters
BookishGirl98 3794.81
PGTE Names: Fake or real?
up736970 3160.00
5 Literature Fivesomes III
timschurz 2625.00
Name 10 in 30: Authors
MSUKent 2494.78
Taylor Swift's Literary References
wickedsmileyify 1485.00
Harry Potter : Horace Slughorn Bunker
scotia78 1355.00
Literature Subcategory 'O'
NO_r_WAY 1274.50
Poets And Authors Named Henry
cwfuturewrestler 1175.00
Find Five: Literature Things
eyes355 1134.91
One piece logic quiz
Jedama 1034.89
Fictional Places 7-to-1: Literature
samc67 984.67
Harry Potter logic puzzle: The Hogwarts Soap Opera
mylla 934.15
Harry Potter Characters Logic Puzzle
S19J 924.80
Stephen King By Speech Parts
IrishIguana 914.54
Shakespeare Quotes in Images
Chameleon 885.00
Author to Badly Drawn Book
MoMosMoProblems 824.92
4x4 Image Crossword: Missing Book Words
bhenderson79 824.85
Which Is My Literary Sibling?
BorezU 764.88
Dumbledore's Army Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 753.93
Female Literary Characters 7-to-1
samc67 744.77
Wings of Fire Logic Quiz
aubercarrot 735.00
Harry Potter Start to Finish
WalshyMusic 714.59
Which Book Characters II
cwfuturewrestler 694.61
Harry Potter Objects That Speak
Pappycole 635.00
Book 'Em by First Names
MSUKent 635.00
Literary Animals By Species 7-to-1
samc67 594.76
ASOIAF: Mother's Day
PrincessMartell 564.95
Criteria Austen Heroines
Dromera 525.00
Complete The GREAT Works of Literature
DIEGO1000 524.83
Harry Potter: 4-way Marauder's Venn Diagram
jacana 464.83
Quick Pick: Cause of Death - Lord of the Rings
knightlancer 415.00
Nymphadora Tonks Start to Finish
WalshyMusic 414.89
Rita Skeeter Start to Finish
WalshyMusic 414.50
Throne of Glass logic puzzle
AelinFireBringer 404.88
Harry Potter Alliterative Letters Minefield
IrishIguana 395.00
5 Literature Fivesomes II
timschurz 394.16
9 Fictional French Characters (Literature)
Pilgab 384.41
E.V.I.L. Puzzle Hunt: Bookworms
Ravenclaw50 360.00
Difficult Harry Potter Logic Mega-Puzzle
jamikahn 364.18
Harry Potter Magical Objects Quiz
lfkatona1 345.00
Organisations in Harry Potter
bengreenberg24 345.00
Is There Another? Harry Potter Chapters
GeoEarthling 344.95
Is There Another? Books
GeoEarthling 344.88
Click the Captain Underpants Books
johncenafan612 314.75
Vowel-less David Walliams Books
jackfrog10 295.00
Fiction Disclaimer
JohnFran 294.68
Sybill Trelawney Start to Finish
WalshyMusic 294.89
Kreacher Start to Finish
WalshyMusic 294.74
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
c_l_a_i_r_e 284.81
Dudley Dursley Start to Finish
WalshyMusic 274.87

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