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Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Harry Potter Venn Diagram II
awesomeness365 1,0334.64
Harry Potter Venn Diagram III
awesomeness365 9154.80
Literary Title Drops
msk105 1154.88
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Literature
Chenchilla 1044.83
Hogwarts Students Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 1004.13
Bullseye Blitz: Harry Potter!
bhenderson79 844.98
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle: The Wrath of Filch
lizbsn 655.00
Heroes of Olympus Logic Puzzle
akorn48 524.67
Horcrux Hunt: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 444.55
Missing Books AA - AZ
Flick 445.00
Sneaky Slytherin Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 444.79
Those 12 Flags: Female Authors
Flick 414.79
Shakespeare Body Parts
HPGirl 404.75
Shakespearean Colors
timschurz 394.73
Those 12 Flags: Novel Settings
Flick 394.89
Harry Potter Neighbourly Logic Puzzle #1
lizbsn 384.90
Weasley Family Reunion: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 374.04
Those 12 Flags: Male Authors
Flick 374.81
Dumbledore's Army Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 363.76
Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 364.81
True or False Blitz: Shakespeare Plays
Smeddlesboy 354.73
The Hunger Games Venn Diagram
chaosBEE 354.70
Those 12 Flags: Playwrights
Flick 345.00
Those 12 Flags: Poets
Flick 344.70
Harry Potter : Girl Power
scotia78 324.50
Sirius Black vs Dementors: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 313.63
200 Harry Potter Trivia Questions
murps232 313.67
Lord of the Rings Venn Diagram
chaosBEE 304.75
Harry Potter Hogwarts Students Criteria
Evreka 293.71
True or False Blitz: Harry Potter
Smeddlesboy 294.73
Game of Thrones Logic Puzzle Main Characters
Khaleeesiii 271.27
Harry Potter Boggart Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 264.38
Logic Puzzle: Avoid Dumbledore's Army
lizbsn 264.72
Jayfeather Quotes
tim66255 250.00
Harry Potter Adult Characters Logic Puzzle
professorrjlupin 244.21
Authors by First Names
Noldeh 244.63
Name the Weekly Shonen Jump manga/anime.
jpablojr 233.00
Harry Potter Clickable Logic Puzzle #1
lizbsn 224.82
Harry Potter Neighbourly Logic Puzzle #6
lizbsn 224.88
Four Famous 'Q' Poets
Flick 225.00
Epic Poems and Authors (Easy)
alanjalowitz 224.82
Harry Potter Neighbourly Logic Puzzle #5
lizbsn 224.76
Find the Books!
Rackie 224.95
Dobby's Dilemma: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 214.65
An Inspector Calls Quick Quiz
MissMuter 213.18
Mystery Sorting Gallery
Qaqaq 215.00
Harry Potter Gryffindor Logic Quiz
NeathaS 215.00
Gryffindor Quidditch Team ('91-'97)
alas123623 204.28
Finish the Famous Ron Weasley Quote
lolshortee 205.00
Avengers Logic Puzzle
JCalt13 202.50

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