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More Words in French and German
hscer 3195.00
The International Language of Football
Pilgab 2624.67
Countries in Old English
DeanMT94 1835.00
Even More Words in French and German
hscer 1695.00
Find the French Food
Rackie 1014.94
The Germans Have a Word for That
MrWhiplash 964.88
Bruce Springsteen Songs in Spanish
hatefulmissy 924.80
Mots français/deutsche Wörter (Words in French and German)
hscer 824.65
NATO phonetic alphabet, randomly!
Pit_trout 664.04
Korean Hangul Match
bazmerelda 614.44
Foreign Language Oscar Titles
tim_parr 584.31
Planets in Different Languages
megamrbrutal 565.00
Clickable Italian Summer
PrincessMartell 534.43
2-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
Mateo56 514.52
2-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
Mateo56 404.65
Picture Click: Spanish Mammals
KStericker 405.00
Moms Around the World
MTwhiz 374.93
Italian: Nouns (Clickable)
beforever 364.73
Michael Jackson's Vocabulary
lolshortee 364.55
3-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
Spacemaniac 344.69
5-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
teddy109768 334.63
Latin by Emoji
chaosBEE 314.80
Quick Pick: 'G' Latin Phrases
smac17 304.82
Quick Pick: 'H' Latin Phrases
smac17 294.78
2-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
Mateo56 294.65
Translate the Saudi Arabian Flag!
Darzlat 294.66
Quick Pick: 'L' Latin Phrases
smac17 284.54
17+ Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
iglew 284.70
7-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
Usmcfunkymunky 284.39
Hiragana Katakana Match-Up
bazmerelda 284.78
Hiragana Speed Reading
Littlechocoholic 283.40
Quick Pick: 'I' Latin Phrases
smac17 274.95
Quick Pick: 'N' Latin Phrases
smac17 244.95
Fruits and Vegetables in 4 languages
kfastic 244.85
Four Letters: ends in SE
Flick 245.00
The Emerging Crossword
gazzso 244.90
Quick Pick: 'O' Latin Phrases
smac17 234.69
10 'Ban' Words
samc67 224.79
10-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
JoeBeta 214.78
Serbian to Russian (Cyrillic)
nabean 215.00
5 by 5 French Words
lolshortee 184.73
Find the Spanish Food
Rackie 174.93
One-Minute Crossword VIII
Qaqaq 174.71
Find the Italian Food
Rackie 165.00
Clickable French Summer
PrincessMartell 165.00
11-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
TheCleverone 154.73
Word Search: Interrogatives
Cutthroat 155.00
Spanish Vocabulary Grab Bag
BanjoZebra 154.33
IPA transcription match
Shonqa 145.00
Multilingual Pronouns
Alcas 145.00