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Rhymes with 'Pop'
sproutcm 244.42
Rhymes with 'I'd'
sproutcm 234.29
Rhymes with 'Gift'
sproutcm 204.04
Happy Birthday, Sporcle!
El_Dandy 204.81
Rhymes with 'Dad'
sproutcm 184.41
Cupid's Arrows Rhymes
sproutcm 133.50
Rhymes with 'Easter'
sproutcm 123.65
Halloween Logic Puzzle (Easier)
Henry820 84.57
Holidays by Cushion
PrincessMartell 75.00
Christmas 7-to-1
samc67 64.77
Paint a Picture for Saint Patrick
timmylemoine1 65.00
Christmas Books: The Subtitles
MoMosMoProblems 54.69
Holiday 7-to-1
samc67 54.72
Halloween Logic Puzzle (Harder)
Henry820 54.78
Holiday Rainbow
teedslaststand 44.63
Connect the Dots: Martin Luther King Junior Day
petenge 45.00
Speedy Spooky Halloween 7-to-1
samc67 34.66
Wiki Holiday Picture Click
metashades 34.44
A fun holiday on the 16th of January
xinez 33.07
Father's Day Quiz (Clickable Fathers)
DesertSpartan 34.50
Find the Sporcle Christmas Ornaments
mvheald 24.54
Christmas Ransom Note
kfastic 24.61
Wiki Halloween Picture Click
metashades 24.58
Holiday Anagrams II
beforever 24.46
Merry Christmas! (Picture Click)
eon 24.23
The Hallmark Ornament Alphabet
qlh27 24.47
Clever Halloween Costumes
bowsntoys 24.83
Typing Challenge: 100 Chinese New Year Words
beforever 24.36
Christmas One-liners
ReticentRabbit 24.89
'This is Halloween'
nanners 24.74
Holiday Anagrams
beforever 24.08
Paint a Picture for Your Sweetheart
timmylemoine1 24.74
Christmas Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 14.88
Hogwarts Christmas Party
FantasticBowTies 15.00
Stocking Stuffer Blitz
Magnavox 14.78
Christmas Character Blitz
Thebiguglyalien 14.65
Holiday Typing Challenge
Bolafssonify 13.67
Winter Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 14.71
Advent Calendar Logic Puzzle
A_O_D 14.38
The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen by Bob Rivers
TheInfam0usThey 15.00
'Twas the Night Before Christmas...
Cutthroat 14.89
Thanksgiving Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 14.48
Aztlan_Historian 15.00
Thanksgiving Po-Art-ry
gazzso 14.87
Holiday To-Do Lists
Thebiguglyalien 14.29
Monster Blitz
Thebiguglyalien 14.50
NBA Halloween Logos
gazzso 14.60
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Halloween Special
triviahappy 14.74
Name the Airport
TheOTG 13.00
Yankee Doodle Lyrics
gravity_warrior 14.33