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Multiple Choice: Henry VIII's Wives
BeerHound 2385.00
Before or After: First Moon Landing
60minutes 864.20
Military Leaders by Battle
khands 685.00
Walk Through History: World War II Battles Minefield
mathninja 543.38
Images for Every Subcategory: History
El_Dandy 474.62
Democratic Presidential Candidates
qlh27 334.83
Multiple Choice: The House of Tudor
BeerHound 334.83
Historical Figures by Browser History
bhenderson79 294.91
Romanov Family Photo
tim_parr 264.87
U.S. History Blitz: 20th Century by decade
biggs364 245.00
Mercury Astronauts in Order
biggs364 214.75
World Leaders by First Names
Noldeh 214.79
Iconic Cars - 1990s [Picture Click]
alvir28 214.75
Historical Figure by Latte Art (Picture Click)
KStericker 184.71
► 4 Decades of Notable Deaths
kfastic 175.00
Provinces of the Roman Empire
sixte105 164.93
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History III
metakoopa99 164.54
Necks and Shoulders in Art
MoMosMoProblems 154.95
AN1001 Greek Map
ssa2 135.00
Army Enlisted Insignia
HPZ 135.00
Who's That With Queen Elizabeth II.?
MrWhiplash 134.47
Finish Second in Multiple U.S. Presidential Elections
seanpat0 120.00
Lost Treasures
Nacchi 125.00
Multiple Marriage Presidents
Hejman 124.53
► Follow That Line: Haile Selassie's UN Speech
kfastic 114.25
Art of Pieces
AuroraIllumina 115.00
We Didn't Start the Fire: Historically Speaking V
strunk09 114.50
French History Mega-Quiz Part II
hornedowl 114.91
► 100 Years of Historical Figures
kfastic 114.74
Major Events Timeline
sjp05c 102.09
Hand-Drawn History IX
ddavey1983 104.92
Centuries of Battles
Cutthroat 104.90
► 4 Decades of Notable Deaths II
kfastic 104.94
Chinese Historical Portraits by Clue
Aztlan_Historian 104.69
If US Presidency was a lifetime job
Bleu 93.63
Updated Names of British Royal Family Members
mark9900 95.00
Top 10 of the Greatest Britons
treessimontrees 95.00
US Citizenship Test (Multiple Choice)
The_Professor 94.86
General James Mattis quotes
Scuba_Steve 84.40
'B' British history
Cortez 84.65
Quick Pick: Top 15 Current Senators by Seniority
qlh27 85.00
US First Ladies Picture Click
qlh27 84.70
Rulers of Israel and Judah
nadwv 84.00
Invader's Conquest: Poland
filipinoman5538 83.25
Overlapping Lifespans Timeline Chain
El_Dandy 84.36
Who's That With Bill Clinton?
MrWhiplash 84.95
Pick the Senior Senator
qlh27 74.92
Quick Pick: Republican Party Senators
qlh27 74.88
2016 Democratic Presidential Candidates Picture Click
qlh27 74.68
Find the European Artist's Birthplace
bhenderson79 74.59

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