Geography Quizzes

Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Erase Europe (Few Outlines, No Skips)
goc3 6,3334.14
Erase the USA (No Outlines or Skips)
goc3 4,7164.46
Erase the USA (No Skips)
goc3 4,1774.88
Erase Asia by Capital (No Skips)
goc3 2,8344.73
Erase Africa (No Outlines or Skips)
goc3 1,8284.07
Countries of the World - No Outlines Minefield
teedslaststand 1,7033.54
Find the US States Ultimate Minefield
mhershfield 1,0734.24
Erase Europe by Capital (No Skips)
goc3 1,0694.76
Erase Europe (No Skips)
goc3 6394.64
Erase Europe (Few Outlines)
goc3 5214.27
Erase the USA by Capital (No Skips)
goc3 5204.75
Mapped Islands and Their Cities
markassonne 5094.52
Erase Africa (No Outlines)
goc3 5034.41
Find the Counties of England - No Outlines Minefield
smac17 4303.74
Erase Africa (No Skips)
goc3 4214.70
Erase the USA (No Outlines)
goc3 4064.68
Erase the USA by Capital (No Outlines or Skips)
goc3 3844.86
Erase Europe
goc3 3664.72
Erase America (No Skips)
goc3 2764.05
United States Population Quest (Picture Click)
mg10 2744.51
1-Star Flags
sproutcm 2704.59
Erase Asia (No Skips)
goc3 2604.77
Secret Country III
goc3 2434.55
Begins and Ends: US Cities
BanjoZebra 2254.52
Erase Africa by Capital (No Skips)
goc3 2215.00
Erase Africa
goc3 2194.80
Asian Logic Puzzle
nspyred 2103.51
Erase Europe by Capital (Few Outlines)
goc3 1894.77
Africa Population Quest (Picture Click)
mg10 1804.25
Erase Asia
goc3 1704.74
☠ Countries of Asia: No Outlines Minefield
kfastic 1694.49
Erase Africa by Capital (No Outlines)
goc3 1554.50
United Kingdom 7-to-1
samc67 1554.83
Find the Regions of England
tim_parr 1504.40
Erase the USA by Capital (No Outlines)
goc3 1444.71
☠ Countries of Europe: No Outlines Ultimate Minefield
kfastic 1404.11
Flag Color Click - European Union
Scuadrado 1404.44
☠ Countries of Africa: No Outlines Minefield
kfastic 1394.38
Which N State
DesertSpartan 1384.21
Erase America by Capital (No Skips)
goc3 1364.67
English Counties - No Outlines Extreme Minefield
smac17 1313.96
Continent Letter Country Quartets
sproutcm 1304.93
Continents Most Countries to Least Countries Minefield
mynameisowen13 1264.40
Erase México (No Skips)
goc3 1224.86
US Cities Named for World Capitals
devinkeithley 1214.50
Find the US States - No Outlines
mhershfield 1194.79
Find the Countries of the British Isles
tim_parr 1104.43
Southeast Asian Country by Capital (Picture Click)
tim_parr 1084.72
'UVWXYZ' Countries by Length
sproutcm 1084.78
Erase the USA by Capital
goc3 1054.71