Gaming Quizzes

Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
'Grand Theft Auto V' Start to Finish
Thebiguglyalien 225.00
TV Board Games by Rules III
Qaqaq 164.67
Guess Who? A Picture Murder Mystery
druhutch 134.59
League of Legends Champions by Image
RobPro 133.93
Five Nights at Freddy's 60 Question Trivia!
Foxy_the_Pirate 123.00
WWF No Mercy characters (pictures)
nscox 114.82
Overwatch Hero Logic
JeffKaplan 105.00
Name the geometry dash extreme demons!
YeefyChan 100.00
Pokémon Logic Puzzle: Gen 1
lizbsn 93.75
Rainbow Six Siege Operators
Charuas 95.00
Name all League of Legends Champions (137)
RoberticusMaximo 83.86
Only One of its Type (Pokemon)
tomschmo 83.00
Can you name all the Legendary Pokemon? (Gen 1-5)
Trau 73.40
League of Legends Passive Abilities
DR883 75.00
Quick Pick: 1-10 Gaming Things
JackDots 64.30
Pokémon: Female or Male?
HikariYang38 64.00
Pokemon Russian Roulette
LyricMaster 62.55
Rubik's Flags
Darzlat 64.92
Gen 7 Pokémon
milocamardeseneo 55.00
Overwatch Heroes by 'Ultimate' Quote
TheCheddarFeed 54.00
Normal-Type Pokemon
bubblegumkitty 54.58
Danganronpa deaths
youngbeelzebub66 54.50
Pokemon Sound-It-Outs (Gen 1)
monji 53.61
Undertale Blitz: Genocide Route
Frisk 50.00
Overwatch: Heroes by Selection Quote (Clickable)
Moai 54.25
NBA 2K17 Top 5 Players by Team
bigcatthetall 44.13
Overwatch Hero Lore (Clickable)
LolitaFashion 44.71
24 Tallest Pokémon (Gen. 1) (Picture Click)
beforever 44.62
CS-GO: de_dust2 Callouts
_Tumbleweed 44.33
League of Legends: Identify Champions from Q Abilities
shyguysonstilts 40.00
9 Fictional American Characters (Gaming)
Pilgab 44.88
8 to 1: Video Game Consoles
Darzlat 44.53
Is it Really Mario?
pdigoe 44.69
Undertale Logic Puzzle
stellahayman3 44.50
All 802 Pokemon! (Flash quiz)
wartjr2373 34.54
Overwatch Characters Venn Diagram
eon 35.00
17x17 Mosaic Logic Puzzle III
goc3 34.29
Name all of the Overwatch Heroes
erickmelo123 33.33
Vowel Pokémon (Gen. 1) (Picture Click)
beforever 34.85
Grass Pokémon (Gen. 1) (Picture Click)
beforever 34.58
Water-Type Pokemon
bubblegumkitty 34.70
Overwatch Logic Puzzle
veryberry 34.50
CaptainIgloo 33.79
Shin Megami Tensei Demon Slideshow
Jengajam 35.00
Ash's Pokemon
brandonfchrome 30.00
TV Board Games by Rules II
Qaqaq 35.00
Undertale Blitz: Boss Fights I
Frisk 30.00
Super Mario Bros. 1-3
goc3 34.58
10 to 1: Classic Board Games
filmstudy 34.59
Pokemon Quiz
robertmorgan 30.00