Just For Fun Quizzes

Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Word Ladder III (Picture Click)
HappyWife 5454.61
Seven Dwarfs :30 Image Blitz
Hejman 4704.49
BTS & GOT7 Murder Mystery Quiz
jessie8766637 4494.13
Word Ladder: Alabama
JackDots 4284.87
Harry Potter Logic Quiz
simonstopher 3962.96
Logic Puzzle: 1-25 Number Grid II
Purple_Parrot 3584.65
Chad or Romania?
Darzlat 2624.00
Word Ladder: California
JackDots 2024.44
5 to 1: Colors
mg10 1994.75
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (CLICKABLE)
Stanford0008 1852.78
Word Ladder: Arizona
JackDots 1774.71
Colors by Synonyms II
awesomeness365 1744.88
Google Typing Challenge
NarwhalNukeYT 1644.74
Giant Slitherlinks # 1
jyrops 1624.83
Word Ladder: New York
JackDots 1494.85
Cheesy Stock Photos (A-Z)
BanjoZebra 1464.75
Medium Nurikabe Puzzle 131
sproutcm 1444.57
Word Ladder: Arkansas
JackDots 1434.69
Word Ladder: Florida
JackDots 1284.79
Vice President or Dallas Cowboy?
Hejman 1274.00
Grey's Anatomy Logic Quiz
KaitlynMarie26s 1153.44
The Office Logic Puzzle
BoggelTeam 1124.50
Word Ladder: Massachusetts
JackDots 1084.55
Odd But True Multiple Choice
babymonkee 1073.26
Word Ladder: Connecticut
JackDots 1074.75
This or That: Alphabet
mg10 934.63
Quick Pick: Pixar Movies
BanjoZebra 935.00
Word Ladder: Delaware
JackDots 924.92
Dragon Ball Z Logic Quiz
TheSpaceman13 913.93
Word Ladder: Hawaii
JackDots 904.92
Word Ladder: Michigan
JackDots 894.88
Word Ladder: Georgia
JackDots 894.77
Word Ladder: Ohio
JackDots 884.75
Word Ladder: Indiana
JackDots 874.64
Kpop zombie apocalypse mystery (logic puzzle)
namstarjiji 864.55
Word Ladder: Pennsylvania
JackDots 864.80
Word Ladder: Maryland
JackDots 864.75
Word Ladder: New Jersey
JackDots 834.50
Word Ladder: Kentucky
JackDots 814.92
Word Ladder: Texas
JackDots 805.00
Word Ladder: Wisconsin
JackDots 784.90
Word Ladder: Louisiana
JackDots 784.90
Word Ladder: Kansas
JackDots 764.82
Disney Logic Quiz
KaitlynMarie26s 723.12
The Typos of Tolkien (clickable)
Hejman 723.83
Word Ladder: Minnesota
JackDots 725.00
Word Ladder: Iowa
JackDots 724.67
Word Ladder: North Carolina
JackDots 704.82
Word Ladder: Idaho
JackDots 684.71
Word Ladder: Missouri
JackDots 634.33