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Finish the Movie with a TV Show
strokes_static 3034.90
Pair The Cartoon/Live Action Movie
senordingdong 1714.96
How well do you know BTS?
Got7Kookie 1031.34
Celebrity Sorting Gallery: The Tonight Show
HappyWife 654.83
Click the Fantastic Four
bortoluka 655.00
Musicals by Main Character
timschurz 614.80
yixingnuggets 573.17
Guess the GOT character from their last words?
ElChiefMoore 523.80
Marvel Heroes By Symbol
johnnytaken 514.39
Comic Strip or Short-Lived TV Show?
senordingdong 454.74
Celebrities with a Twin
senordingdong 444.17
Name kpop groups members (May 2019)
chesirose 434.50
Naruto Deaths in Order Minefield
potterpal 435.00
Celebrities Jogging
senordingdong 364.18
RuPaul's Drag Race Logic Quiz - Guess the Queens!
yesgawd 364.04
Famous Twins
senordingdong 364.14
Criteria Marvel Characters
MetsJetsKnicks 354.00
Celebrity Heights
senordingdong 354.59
Finish the Vine Quote
iliveoffmemes 314.30
Fertile Celebrities
senordingdong 304.65
'92 liners
Akimore 284.00
BRADY124 283.50
Comedians Appearing on Hollywood Squares
senordingdong 284.82
NCT logic quiz (July, 2018)
AcceB 273.00
Matching Kpop Fan Club Names
kagamigensou 254.01
Musicians Appearing on Hollywood Squares
senordingdong 254.77
Finish the Famous Vine
foryouxanchez 232.78
Harry Styles-Are you no.1 fan
myxwinwxrd 233.00
Avengers: Infinity War Logic Puzzle
facebook596 224.30
Hamilton Logic Puzzle
JohnLaurens 214.14
Most Recurring MCU Characters
johnnytaken 214.12
Game of Thrones - Logic Puzzle
Buziel 214.67
Marvel Endgame Crossword
netanel 193.94
Who stole Onew's chicken? 2018 SM ver.(KPOP LOGIC QUIZ)
yixingnuggets 183.50
Avengers Order of Appearance
Vietti 174.00
Cartoons in the Kitchen
strokes_static 174.71
Marvel Live-Action Films By Picture
johnnytaken 164.56
Odd One Out: Marvel And DC Alphabetically
I-Am-Batman 165.00
Animated Movie Characters Voiced by TV Characters
ghcgh 164.92
10 to 1: Complete the Anime Title
dane17eduard 154.86
Dragon Ball Z/Super: Frieza Forms in Order
Moai 144.36
Dragon Ball Z: Goku Fights in Order
Moai 143.85
Eurovision winning Countries (Picture Click)
teedslaststand 144.98
Missing Word: Spider-Man Villains
johnnytaken 144.22
Pretty Little Liars Ultimate Name Chain
thisismyaccont 142.43
Finish the TV Show with a Movie
ghcgh 144.91
TXT (Tomorrow X Together) Members
sonamooqueens 144.67
Marvel Avengers 181 Logic Puzzle
n1v3hr3 142.25
Click the Spider-Man's Characters
bortoluka 144.42
Disney Character Bonanza
LTH 134.86

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