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Manchester United number 7s
robertredmond 1,3201.20
Can you name the capital city of all these countries?
aloughnane9 1,2983.38
Progressively Harder Soccer Club Trivia
estebanreyes 1,0262.56
Countries of the World - No Outlines Minefield
teedslaststand 9943.51
Do you remember the lyrics to 'Baby' by Justin Bieber?
davidfarrell 7722.17
Countries of Africa Without Outlines - Minefield
kfastic 7494.43
Find the US States Ultimate Minefield
mhershfield 6254.23
Can you name every No.10 in the Premier League?
SquawkaFootball 6124.25
A Decade of Sports (2010s)
dlte 5764.55
Find the Missing Fauna in Movies, Part 2
timmylemoine1 5394.83
NBA Chain Game
Furness 4962.63
NBA Clickable Trivia 2
edkool7 4462.36
Name every Premier League manager
robertredmond 3922.00
9 countries to beat Ireland at the Aviva
JOEdotie 3290.00
UEFA teams in WC2018 qualifying
FourFourTwo_ 3255.00
Newcastle United 2016-17
sjamieson1 2960.00
Find the Countries of Europe - No Outlines Minefield
31415926535 2824.08
Countries of Europe Without Outlines Ultimate Minefield
kfastic 2764.13
Who sings these two-word title songs?
marianahaz 2734.20
A Decade of Sports (1960s)
dlte 2674.48
AVj Puzzle Hunt 04: Flag Selection
jyrops 2664.00
Every German to have played in the Premier League
SquawkaFootball 2662.80
Find the Missing Fauna in Movies, Part 3
timmylemoine1 2504.79
Movie by Repeated Quote IV
mpoole793 2434.35
Who is not part of the group?
ChocoChim_ 2334.13
Movie by Repeated Quote V
mpoole793 2334.63
Avada Kedavra Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 2124.27
Harry Potter Logic Quiz
simonstopher 2103.01
An HP Character 10-1
CapVikhy 2103.50
March Sadness: Sad Players, Fans, & Coaches
LisaSimpsonOH 2094.67
Movie by Repeated Quote VII
mpoole793 2084.57
Movie by Repeated Quote VI
mpoole793 2074.83
Find the Missing Elements in Movies
timmylemoine1 2024.75
Impossible NBA quiz
Monoxide 1865.00
Match the 'V' song with artist (title tracks only!)
hoonie_sunshine 1853.67
NBA Stars' Best Teammates (+/-)
dlh1231 1804.93
A Decade of Sports (1950s)
dlte 1794.60
5-Star Best Picture Winners III
manonthemoon 1784.67
SMTOWN Murder Mystery Logic Quiz!
bbstunzem 1783.09
A Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
THEJMAN 1743.82
Find the Missing Food and Drinks in Books
timmylemoine1 1714.77
Who Wants To Be A Billionaire (US Sports)
CapNWalsh 1642.30
A Decade of Sports (1940s)
dlte 1614.59
Logic Puzzle 1-25
freesquirrel 1564.55
Find the Missing Food and Drinks in Movies, Part 2
timmylemoine1 1504.61
Find the Missing Fauna in Band Names
timmylemoine1 1494.74
NBA All-Star 2017 Logic Puzzle
dlh1231 1484.00
Countries by Strange War
NO_r_WAY 1474.70
The easiest NBA quiz ever (MUST TRY)
averyp729 1441.26
The best players to ever wear a Mariners uniform
Andrew_Rice 1420.00