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Ireland counties containing 'L'
JOEdotie 5,9644.00
English Soccer Players
smac17 1,3194.80
Countries of the World - No Outlines Minefield
teedslaststand 1,0853.47
AEPI Penn Gamme quiz
marc455 9030.00
French Soccer Players
smac17 5175.00
Find the US States Ultimate Minefield
mhershfield 4904.24
Spanish Soccer Players
smac17 4675.00
Brazilian Soccer Players
smac17 4635.00
Word Search Logic Puzzle IV
Henry820 4484.67
Italian Soccer Players
smac17 4165.00
Dutch Soccer Players
smac17 4125.00
German Soccer Players
smac17 4115.00
Word Search Logic Puzzle V
Henry820 3394.70
Argentine Soccer Players
smac17 3295.00
Disney Logic Quiz
KaitlynMarie26s 3263.10
Belgian Soccer Players
smac17 2525.00
Irish Soccer Players
smac17 2495.00
Which of these are actual kpop groups?
marianahaz 2293.00
Most Champions League appearances: Africa
FourFourTwo_ 2185.00
MLB 350 Home Run Hitters A-Z
caramba 2164.63
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 6
sproutcm 2154.70
Graph terminology minefield
rogerh 1973.00
Scottish Soccer Players
smac17 1925.00
Premier League club's highest earners
SquawkaFootball 1874.71
NFL Teams Logic Puzzle
Fastballx31 1832.23
Welsh Soccer Players
smac17 1805.00
Kpop Logic! Guess all the groups with hints.
marianahaz 1701.00
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 5
sproutcm 1674.75
NBA 2015-16 Order Quiz
Lavalegendpro 1653.61
Guess Who? A Picture Murder Mystery
druhutch 1634.58
Presidential Trivia Logic Game
nspyred 1633.82
European Countries with a 'Z'
PrincessMartell 1514.67
Portuguese Soccer Players
smac17 1505.00
American Soccer Players
smac17 1474.80
100 Friends Characters
mellotello 1453.75
Hidden Neighbors of Russia
markassonne 1284.40
Can you click the space bar 300 times in 1 minute?
kaitlin206 1253.63
Movies by 'And Introducing' Actors
Arnott 1234.36
Google maps - 25 largest African cities
unicornglitter 1194.82
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 50
sproutcm 1194.77
Asian Countries Venn Diagram
Darzlat 1164.84
Canada World Cup Goalscorers
noahFrobeson 1142.75
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 8
sproutcm 1134.88
European Countries with an 'E'
PrincessMartell 1094.82
What Movie? The 'C' Movies (Slideshow)
Larryholmes79 1074.44
Croatian Soccer Players
smac17 1054.43
Match idols with the country they were born! pt2
hoonie_sunshine 1043.00
Avada Kedavra Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 1034.29
States that Border Alaska
Dalek_Harkness 1023.29
Dragon Ball (Z): Characters killed by Yamcha
Moai 1024.22