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Passés par la Ligue 1 Uber Eats et Manchester City
Ligue1UberEats 10,5225.00
Name Every Fifa World Cup Winner since 1930
Pundit_Arena 10,4993.75
Les 11 joueurs les plus chers du PSG et de City
FFLose 10,3223.67
Ils ont joué à Chelsea et au Real Madrid
FFLose 8,5485.00
Name every player to score a PL penalty for Man United
Pundit_Arena 8,4075.00
Every teammate of James Anderson in Tests
Wisden2020 7,0805.00
Name keepers with most clean sheets in each PL season
Pundit_Arena 6,4485.00
2021 NBA Chain Quiz (Hard)
Grif4 6,0921.65
Name the top assisters in every Premier League season
Pundit_Arena 5,6425.00
Name all 55 countries that are members of Uefa
Pundit_Arena 4,6305.00
Kennst du Europas Rekordmeister im Fussball?
watson_sport 4,4111.50
Every club in a European Cup/Champions League final
FourFourTwo_ 3,6834.33
Every player in the 2008 Champions League final
Pundit_Arena 3,5575.00
Most Champions League apps for Real Madrid
FourFourTwo_ 3,4895.00
Man City semi-finals since 2009
FourFourTwo_ 3,1445.00
Every player from Barcelona vs Chelsea UCL 2012?
FourFourTwo_ 3,1305.00
10 самых дорогих в 1/2 ЛЧ
The_sporTest 2,9395.00
Кто играл за «Челси» и «Реал»
Eurosport_ru 2,9170.00
Liverpool or Manchester United?
FourFourTwo_ 2,8744.22
Teams Jose Mourinho has beaten the most
FourFourTwo_ 2,8034.40
Name the last club these footballers played for
Pundit_Arena 2,7055.00
Чемпионский состав Интера
Eurosport_ru 2,6640.00
Les meilleurs buteurs de L1 encore en activité
Elangellier 2,6400.00
The 11 Clubs With Most Premier League Red Cards Ever
BallsQuizzes 2,6050.00
חידון המבשלים
barakcinamon 2,5031.00
All 97 of Alec Stewart's teammates in Test cricket
Wisden2020 2,4375.00
שיחקו במכבי חיפה ובמכבי ת'א
AviG91 2,4343.00
Pundit Arena Brainteaser Challenge – Day 344
Pundit_Arena 2,4235.00
უჩლ ბომბარდირები
Adjarablog 2,3850.00
פיינל פורים יורוליג
ayerushalmi 2,3380.00
NBA Chain Quiz (Medium Difficulty)
sweidanryan 2,2871.98
Pundit Arena Daily Sports Brainteaser Challenge Day 347
Pundit_Arena 2,0825.00
Every La Liga winner ever
FourFourTwo_ 2,0825.00
May bank holiday quiz
FourFourTwo_ 2,0815.00
זוכי נעל הזהב
ayerushalmi 2,0600.00
Man City Spanish players quiz
Pundit_Arena 2,0245.00
Danish FIM Speedway World Cup Final winners
SpeedwayGP 1,9911.00
Champions League finalists
PlanetFootball 1,9773.33
Pundit Arena Daily Sports Quiz Challenge – Day 371
Pundit_Arena 1,8740.00
Liverpool vs Man United scorers
FourFourTwo_ 1,8695.00
Name the most expensive players signed by Jose Mourinho
Pundit_Arena 1,8373.67
Every player Guardiola has used at Man City
PlanetFootball 1,7710.00
Luís Figo's Clubs
nickandhayleyfra 1,7714.60
Manchester City's top 50 signings
FourFourTwo_ 1,6831.88
Every Premier League club's all-time appearance makers
FourFourTwo_ 1,6321.94
MLB Photo Minefield: Second Basemen
strokes_static 1,6264.79
Consecutive Grand Slam winners
Fish1987 1,5825.00
Pundit Arena Daily Sports Quiz Challenge – Day 370
Pundit_Arena 1,5550.00
Pundit Arena Daily Sports Quiz Challenge – Day 374
Pundit_Arena 1,5430.00
Pundit Arena Daily Sports Quiz Challenge – Day 372
Pundit_Arena 1,5210.00

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