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Can you guess the composer name with no vowels?
classicfm 15,2773.50
Oasis Singles
silloyd5 11,9632.33
Classical composers
classicfm 4,9222.19
Quick pick: Match the artist to their birth country!
playingwithfirex 2,9913.17
Guess the Fifth Harmony song from a single line
davidfarrell 2,4263.50
Two words kpop group names!
hoonie_sunshine 2,3334.00
Can you match the group to their company?
playingwithfirex 2,3052.38
2017 Kpop Comebacks Logic Quiz
playingwithfirex 2,2172.78
KPOP Groups 13 to 1
ChocoChim_ 2,0044.00
12 to 1 songs by British artists
ceciliacarlid 1,8723.65
Name K-Pop Groups
soompi 1,8102.13
7 to 1 Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums of All Time
DesertSpartan 1,7914.57
Pick KPOP groups that didn't have non-Korean members
xxxjennypark94 1,5664.60
Know the Kpop Main Dancers pt. 2
elisannaurora 1,2993.00
90's Female Singers 1 (Clickable)
cadilks 1,2693.81
Quick pick: Who is the correct member?
playingwithfirex 1,2573.00
KPOP Groups that have 100 Million views MVs
xxxjennypark94 1,2474.38
Know the Kpop Main Vocals pt. 2
elisannaurora 1,2131.67
Complete the Beatles Song... With a Picture
Noldeh 1,2064.58
SMTOWN Murder Mystery Logic Quiz!
bbstunzem 1,2053.09
BTS Members' Names Speed Quiz
elisannaurora 1,1333.00
MP!: Can you guess the 1D song from a single line
davidfarrell 1,1251.67
Top 3: Pick the Year II
RobPro 1,0364.58
Lyrics to 'Somebody that I used to know' by Gotye
JaredThater 9204.08
SM Artists MVs that have 100 Million views
xxxjennypark94 9204.00
Complete the Album Title... With a Picture
Noldeh 9064.63
BTS - English lines
torturequeen 8893.67
Name all 13 U2 albums
JOEdotie 8894.50
Pick KPOP groups that didn't undergone member changes
xxxjennypark94 8864.33
'70s Band Names
MRL 8654.67
Guess the kgroup by the famous member
julypacifico 8613.67
Who's that BTS Member?
nochu 8123.40
Which k-idol matches these questions?
igotheboys 7763.25
Kpop Logic Quiz
natkin94 7663.94
Every U2 Song by ANY Word
MSUKent 7574.48
Who sang this line? [BTS - NOT TODAY]
torturequeen 7383.40
Quick Pick: GOT7 Songs
xxxjennypark94 7344.33
Kpop Venn Diagram VII
Harcourt 7205.00
Who is not part of the group?
marianahaz 7193.67
'60s Band Names
MRL 7024.74
Kpop Criteria Quiz
Desidea 6833.69
KPOP Blitz
xxxjennypark94 6523.71
300 Idols from Kpop Groups (May 2016)
Klimpen 6513.97
YG Artists MVs that have 100 Million views
xxxjennypark94 6273.67
Group Fact Files 4: EXO
MissOreo 6115.00
Musicians 7-to-1
samc67 5944.84
Name a Twenty One Pilots song for each letter
isyq 5894.55
Name as many Kpop Boy Groups as possible
aliceeve 5823.00
name 300 male kpop idols
rrrrrrravee 5825.00
Can you name these BTS songs?
skylarscheesecak 5795.00