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MCU Click Map Trivia (Spoilers)
sporcle2273 19,9812.19
'Avengers: Endgame' Logic Puzzle
Scimitar_2002 6,1544.00
'Avengers: Infinity War' Logic Puzzle
Scimitar_2002 6,0464.05
Avengers: Endgame Logic Puzzle
rulesy 3,9763.18
Marvel Movies: Who Wants to be a Millionaire? HARD
lchm10 2,9972.46
Actors by Same First Letter Movies III
ghcgh 2,9164.82
Progressively Smaller Movies II
strokes_static 2,7164.75
Avengers: Endgame Bunker
I-Am-Batman 2,3184.74
Clickable Minefield: Recurring MCU Characters
johnnytaken 2,0983.30
BLT Actors & Actresses
ghcgh 2,0604.87
Put the Marvel Movies (MCU) in Order, Oldest- Newest
benneider 1,8453.76
2010s Movies A-Z V
ghcgh 1,8114.75
10 to 1: War Movies
whssox 1,6364.74
2010s Movies A-Z IV
ghcgh 1,5254.78
Avengers Logic Puzzle
Scimitar_2002 1,5023.50
10 to 1: Indiana Jones
whssox 1,4424.90
Progressively Smaller Disney Movies
strokes_static 1,3845.00
TV Show or Movie
Themavrickfan 1,1333.75
BMW Actors & Actresses
ghcgh 1,0594.76
Progressively Smaller Best Pictures
strokes_static 1,0345.00
One-Syllable Movies
aduchscher 9914.73
MCU Movie Logic Puzzle
rulesy 9893.83
Best Actress Oscar Winners by Biography Title
Pushcake 9154.91
Guardians of the Galaxy Logic Puzzle
Scimitar_2002 8853.50
CIA Actors & Actresses
ghcgh 8504.93
Match The Real-Life People To Actors Who Played Them
WhoFan1979 8074.91
SAT Actors & Actresses
ghcgh 7954.77
MCU Criteria: Avengers
Scimitar_2002 7753.65
2000s Movies A-Z V
ghcgh 7724.92
Toy Story Poster
Nitromizer 7404.79
PBJ Actors & Actresses
ghcgh 7114.94
PHD Actors & Actresses
ghcgh 6544.86
How well do you know the MCU?
gingerpines 6503.13
Match the 2-word Horror Movies
cwoods80 6273.86
Absent Letter Brad Pitt Movies
RobFitz 6224.96
MCU Dusted Characters Logic Puzzle
rulesy 6124.50
MCU Bunker
C22zm 6054.31
MCU Heroes
I-Am-Batman 5954.76
One-Syllable Movies II
aduchscher 5724.55
MCU Logic Puzzle
bajobson96 5704.45
MCU Teaser Posters Minefield Blitz
johnnytaken 5603.68
Find the Gems: Marvel Movie Picture Puzzle
druhutch 5534.51
Avengers: Endgame Screen Time
I-Am-Batman 5515.00
Avengers: Endgame Poster Click
I-Am-Batman 5424.77
MCU Character By Screen Time
I-Am-Batman 5404.58
Avengers Endgame Quiz (spoilers)
XD7999 5303.00
MCU Movies per Villains
TheRealBenThaler 5083.30
Missing Word: Double Letter Disney
Pilgab 4955.00
Letter Grid: Best Picture Winners
Joshie_the_great 4904.73
120 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters
beforever 4874.92

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