Literature Quizzes

Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Harry Potter Character Criteria Quiz
biggs364 4,4334.72
Name the Weekly Shonen Jump manga/anime.
jpablojr 2,9793.00
Can you guess the Harry Potter book from a single line?
davidfarrell 2,4934.52
Difficult Harry Potter Logic Mega-Puzzle
jamikahn 2,0043.98
Harry Potter Progressively Harder
biggs364 9234.36
ASOIAF: Families' Logic Puzzle
PrincessMartell 7334.46
Harry Potter: Chapters in Order - Book 5
lilypad22 7005.00
Hogwarts Students Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 6343.99
Word Choice Matters
getschooled 5420.00
Middle Earth or Nordic town?
megamrbrutal 5414.73
Connect the Dots: Lord of the Rings
bhenderson79 5054.86
ASOIAF Siblings Logic Puzzle
PrincessMartell 5054.71
Blackboard Blitz: Novels
goc3 4884.42
'I Wrote the Book; Hated the Movie!'
jakethegoldfish 4684.79
Avada Kedavra Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 4624.13
Harry Potter: Chapters in Order - Book 6
lilypad22 4295.00
Harry Potter Chapter Venn Diagram
FantasticBowTies 4104.26
ASOIAF: Logic Maze (Picture Click)
PrincessMartell 4074.26
ASOIAF: Looking for Sansa (Logic Puzzle)
PrincessMartell 3624.06
ASOIAF Venn Diagram
chaosBEE 3404.56
Authors of Famous Books
filmstudy 3364.72
Blackboard Blitz: English Novelists
goc3 3324.54
Harry Potter Books Centered Around Hermione Granger
howiedoin843 3164.80
Harry Potter Alphabet Blitz A
biggs364 3164.43
A New Harry Potter Logic Quiz
sloth_ 3143.76
Literature Match Chronology
filmstudy 3134.87
Voldemort's Algorithm
biggs364 3123.63
ASOIAF: Who wants to be a billionaire?
PrincessMartell 3024.59
Blackboard Blitz: Novels II
goc3 3014.95
ASOIAF: Murder Mystery in King's Landing (Logic Puzzle)
PrincessMartell 2904.43
ASOIAF: Winter is coming (Picture Click Logic Maze)
PrincessMartell 2884.03
Harry Potter Chapters - Who?
leahmarie25 2884.85
Book Swap
Purple_Parrot 2864.81
Dumbledore's Army Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 2733.73
Harry Potter: Chapters in Order - Book 7
lilypad22 2705.00
Game of Thrones Logic Puzzle Main Characters
Khaleeesiii 2681.27
Find Five: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lit
eyes355 2634.61
10-1: Shakespeare
Chenchilla 2554.69
5x5 in 90: Mixed Literature Minefield Blitz
kfastic 2453.93
Literature Words in Book Titles
metashades 2454.80
That's No British Settlement: That's a GoT House!
christopherjulia 2364.64
The 3rd thing you need to know: The Lord of the Rings
MrWhiplash 2274.78
ASOIAF: Daenerys Logic Puzzle
PrincessMartell 2213.89
Worst Person in the World Book Titles
metashades 2214.65
7 to 1 Sorting- Harry Potter Book Chapters
biggs364 2165.00
Ten Famous 'A' Authors
Flick 2134.67
Beginner Logic Puzzle: Harry Potter
Henry820 2084.85
Finish the Famous Snape Quote
lolshortee 2044.76
Which 'H' Book Did They Write?
Cutthroat 1984.68
Ronald Weasley and the No-Good Spell
christopherjulia 1964.55