Literature Quizzes

Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Hogwarts Students Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 2,7284.09
A New Harry Potter Logic Quiz
sloth_ 1,8553.97
Literary Villains 7-to-1
nabean 1,2884.52
That Book's Just a Name
El_Dandy 9524.88
Harry Potter Chain: Deathly Hallows
lolshortee 9004.85
Six Famous 'B' Playwrights
Flick 7334.80
Dumbledore's Army Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 6853.65
shayward22 6021.40
Difficult Harry Potter Logic Mega-Puzzle
jamikahn 4874.00
Harry Potter Neighbourly Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 4674.87
Weasley Family Reunion: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 4513.96
Game of Thrones Logic Puzzle Main Characters
Khaleeesiii 4491.27
Care of Magical Creatures Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 4174.18
Sirius Black vs Dementors: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 4093.54
Harry Potter: Who's Still Alive?
christopherjulia 3914.68
Harry Potter Hogwarts Students Criteria
Evreka 3773.63
Harry Potter: Pick the Punishment
IrishBear09 3614.88
Three-Named Authors by Initials
Qaqaq 3384.77
Amazon's 100 Children's Books
sanders590 3344.50
Harry Potter Chain: Order of the Phoenix
lolshortee 2994.93
Male Literary Characters 7-to-1
samc67 2984.80
10 to 1: Literature in 2017
marcustullius 2964.38
Horcrux Hunt: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 2834.52
Harry Potter Chain: Goblet of Fire
lolshortee 2754.46
Relative Relatives - Harry Potter Books
jyrops 2744.75
Reverse Alphabet: Literature
samc67 2614.83
Logic Puzzle: The Cluttered House of Black
lizbsn 2544.69
Harry Potter Chain: Half-Blood Prince
lolshortee 2444.92
Harry Potter Chain: Prisoner of Azkaban
lolshortee 2374.74
Triple Picture Click Literature 2
filmstudy 2354.71
Literature Words in Book Titles
metashades 2284.83
Dobby's Dilemma: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 2244.69
Literature by Meme
NJSB 2204.56
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Geronimo11 2114.05
Six Famous 'A' Playwrights
Flick 2054.33
Finish the Famous Literature Quote II
lolshortee 2014.91
Harry Potter Logic Quiz New
andreawetton 1953.67
Harry Potter Boggart Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 1904.38
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle: Slughorn and Friends
lizbsn 1894.64
Harry Potter Mood Chart
WalshyMusic 1864.50
Harry Potter Fun Facts
leftyabigail 1853.04
Books in Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
petuniaevans 1814.00
Books by Three Clues
gazzso 1774.71
Books Missing 'A' Words
kfastic 1735.00
Worst Person in the World Book Titles
metashades 1714.68
Harry Potter Resorted Logic Puzzle
Henry820 1653.45
5x5 in 90: Mixed Literature Minefield Blitz
kfastic 1613.95
Books by T-Shirt
Darzlat 1574.88
A-Z Last Name by First Name: Harry Potter
kfastic 1544.67
Triple Picture Click Literature 1
filmstudy 1464.69