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Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Clothing Idioms
alinrotundu 1,4394.82
Words Ending with '-PPER'
Propellerhead 1,2834.81
How quickly can you fix these spelling mistakes?
JOEMovieBuff 1,0344.00
Lost for Words: Compound Words
bhenderson79 9864.86
Korean Hangul Match
bazmerelda 7314.43
Hiragana Speed Reading
Littlechocoholic 7173.68
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Language
Thebiguglyalien 6444.74
Japanese Hiragana (Clickable)
bazmerelda 4374.91
Which Animal Belongs in That Idiom?
MissDianaP 3954.20
NATO phonetic alphabet, randomly!
Pit_trout 3884.14
20 ways not to eat 'Corn'
timmylemoine1 3524.57
Common Sayings: Missing 'P' Words
beforever 3354.78
5 to 1: Spanish
mg10 2594.66
► ASL Fingerspelling: US States
kfastic 2475.00
Languages by Cake
Pilgab 2434.65
Choose The Real French Pronouns
BoggelTeam 2434.42
Matchy-Matchy Vocabulary II
NO_r_WAY 2354.67
American or Asian Language?
FilipinoBreloom 2344.71
Japanese Katakana (Clickable)
bazmerelda 2285.00
Ce, Cet, Cette, Ces (Demonstrative Pronouns)
SJCSfrench 2213.33
Odd Language Out: Colors
El_Dandy 2174.90
FRENCH Le passé composé
langdept 2091.70
Literature by Definition: J.K. Rowling
Noldeh 2064.55
3-Letter Greek Letters
geronimostilton 2054.92
Japanese Star Wars Titles
Alcas 2044.40
23 ways not to stay up from 'Dusk' till 'Dawn'
timmylemoine1 2034.72
20 ways not to listen to the 'Cure'
timmylemoine1 2034.71
Clickable Spanish Summer
PrincessMartell 1994.90
► ASL Fingerspelling: Countries of Europe
kfastic 1974.67
Hiragana Katakana Match-Up
bazmerelda 1894.86
20 ways to not 'Eat'
timmylemoine1 1884.66
33 ways not to say 'Say'
timmylemoine1 1724.67
French adjectives
MadameM 1724.63
► ASL Fingerspelling: US Presidents
kfastic 1634.85
Grocery Shopping in Germany: A Full Trip!
Bratista 1554.72
French Speaking 2018 World Cup Countries
Pilgab 1545.00
Arabic Alphabet (Abjad)
willhp 1524.67
Spanish Speaking 2018 World Cup Countries
Pilgab 1495.00
Two-Minute Crossword II
Qaqaq 1484.92
Describing people in French
mmemills 1420.00
All Greek to Me! 2.
nabean 1424.50
Two-Minute Crossword
Qaqaq 1414.80
NBA chain
ejoselit 1404.33
French Imparfait Practice
rissi 1375.00
French: Irregular Verbs
bubblegumkitty 1295.00
Celebrity by Definition
NO_r_WAY 1274.95
Parts of Speech Multiple Choice
JackDots 1265.00
Korean Alphabet
findavidson 1254.29
Le Futur Simple
varndler 1230.00
Clickable Hebrew Letters
the_calculator 1184.75

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